Nintendo City - Caption #3

Thanks to all who sent in Captions.

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 Gameboy675  Here we see Link about to die.Let's watch
 tantooki dude  gaurd 1: get down here on orderz of da king!
 link: oh! im going to see the king now!
 gaurd 1: get down here mr smart head!
 link: cant you come up here?
 gaurd 2 : we dont know how! ok?
 gaurd 1: shut up you rookie! you're fired!
 Prongs  Good Job Link, but you got blocked by the guards =P
 The Man  Link: Can I ask you something?
 Guards: Sure
 Link: Why are you stabbing the stairs and the wall?
 Guards: ... Cause it's fun.
 I Like Luigi  Offscreen Guy: Link is gonna have lotsa trouble getting into the Fort of All   
 Forts today, tomorrow, and all the days after.
 Right Guard: Yep, it's rusting to bits.
 Left Guard: So you see, I Like Luigi has a point.
 Left Guard: Your sword is really rusted.
 (Mr. P)(Leroy P)
 One of those times you really wish you can jump in 2d Zelda games.....
 Prince Peasley  Link: Ahh. The last 3 seconds before I get chopped up into peices.
 Dr.Donez  Soldiers: Haha! You only have a sheild!
 Link: Crap...
 *Gets Killed*
 I Like Luigi  OK, WHERE THE *beep* IS THE THIRD GUARD?!!?
 Mr. X  Link: I wonder if those guards know that I can see them peeing on the wall...
 MattC13  The road to freedom is blocked by 2 drunk soliders.
 Adam  Maybe someday the guards will learn another important lesson in catching a
 wanted man: How to take the stairs.
 Doopliss Fan  Link:Lemmee in!!!!
 Knights:No way you can't play our Nintendo64!!!
 Link:Well at least Zelda has a Wii.
 Knights:Can we play?
 Sott  Link: This is what I get by trying to visit Nintendo City with the king's PC!!!
 eman  Link: come on!!!! I'm not going to hurt anyone! Guards: yeah, once you take the
 sword and sheild and bombs and arrows away we'll think about that!
 Mr.Nose  Link:...Hi?
 Sabur  Merely walking up a flight of stairs to avoid an oncoming onslaught....Priceless!
 amcam  And now the main attraction of Hyrule Zoo....
 "Blue Sword-Wielding Monkeys!!!!!"
 Dark Yoshi  Soldier: Hey!  What are you doing?
 Link: Nothing, just breaking and entering.
 Soldier: Move along sir.  *To other soldier* See sometimes you gotta do that,
 keeps people on their toes.
 Adam  No, no, no! If you hold your sword out like that you'll stab someone.
 Now watch as I...
 Nintendude  Link : move it.
 all : MOVE IT!
 Ragumshnagum  LINK: Let me through!
 ENEMY: Why should I?
 LINK: Because I need to get through here to beat the game!
 ENEMY: I don't think you understand the concept of video games. We're
 supposed to stop you from beating the game.
 LINK: Yeah, but the main character is always supposed to destroy all the
 enemies and beat the game.
 ENEMY: I've had enough of you main character's taking the spotlight! It's our
 time to shine!
 LINK: Just let me through or I'll write a letter of complaint to Nintendo and you
 won't get to be in the sequel!
 ENEMY: Fine...
 IDK  Left Enemy: Give me your PEPTO BISMOL!!!
 Link: What's Peptro Bismol?
 NinDude38  Can you please move guys? I'm trying to get to Zelda.
 Mariofox  Link: Here's 500 rupees to go passed.
 Troll 1: No I said 1000.
 Troll 2: ahhhhh!!!! I hit the wall at 0.1 miles per hour.
 Link: Tell me why you have swords bigger than mine?
 Troll 1 & 2: We sold Donkey Kong at the concert 1000000 rupees thats 100 
 Mario Coins for the big swords.
 Link: Thats it im getting a burger at the after concert dinner for 500 rupees.
 Donkey Kong: Give me my Swords back
 Troll 1 & 2: aHHHHHHHHHH! Run
 Link: Ok now I can Get through
 Supa Troopa  link: omg... omg... omg... why isnt the panic button working... *link falls to the 
 floor, clenching his chest* GO AWAY YOU... YOU MEAN PEOPLE!!
 'mean person' 1: uhhh... you want your pizza or not?
 Toadsworth262  Who are you two? The royal court jesters?
 NoWario  you underestimate the power of the blue sheildy thingy!
 gaurds:This greenhatted dude doesnt stand a chance
 against our pointy swords
 gaurds:Poke him! Poke him!
 SuperNES  And so, Link, Embarked into another round of butt kicking...