Nintendo City - Caption #4

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 Mariodude  Mario: Alright Bowser, lets get this game of Peach-Tetherball started!
 Adam  Bowser, did you take me to fight or to look at the pretty lights?
 Sott  Bowser: C is for Cookie and nothing else matters...
 Mario: Peach, does he sings that every time he kidnaps you?
 Peach: Unfortunately, yes...
 Mario: Poor little princess...
 Prince Peasley  Bowser: Gwah ha ha ha! This is it Mario, the one time I defeat you.
 You've beaten me over nine thousand times before,
 but this time, we're high up!
 Mario: ...this makes no difference whatsoever, realize that?
 Bowser: ...Yes.
 MattC13  Bowser: Surrender or-
 Mario: Is that around here neck or chest?
 I Like Luigi  Mario: Hi Bowser, wanna play Mario Party 8?
 Bowser: OK, but I get to be Waluigi this time!
 Mario: Last time you said Waluigi sucked.
 Bowser: I said Wario sucked. Well lets go.
 Peach: Get me out of here first!
 Mario and Bowser together: Sorry, we aren't good at untying knots.
 Peach: Bowser has Flame Breath!
 Bowser: Yes, but I want to use it on Mario if he chooses
 Goomba's Booty Boardwalk again.
 Mario: But after we play 1000 games, I'll come and cut the rope.
 Bowser: But how do we leave this place?
 Mario: Good point....
 Stick  Bowser: I'll trade you Peach for...
 Mario: For what?
 Mario (to himself) sure just sign right here...
 Bowser: thanks AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
 Much better. Now what did that paper say.
 Mario: oh just something about never kidnapping the princess again.
 Bowser: Then I better not lose her this time!
 Peach: Um... Can someone help? I really have to go to the bathroom.
 Bowser: NO YOUR RIGHT ABOVE ME! ANd eeeeeeew. Fine take her.
 nintends  mario: peach!!!
 bowser:haha! you have to fight me to get her! hahahah!
 mario: or i could just jump over you and get her.
 bowser: oh, never thought about that.
 Gameboy675  Mario:...Uh oh. I wish a giant sword would come down and kill this guy.
 SuperYoshi  Mario: OOH, A PINATA! Let me go whack it and see if candy comes out!
 Sabur  Right Kinklink - "Man, Why did they have to come up here!?
 Bowser's got the meanest GAS!"
 Left Kinklink - "I've got my own problem over here!....
 -mumbles- cursed plumber and his chili fixes!"
 NinDude38  Mario: Hi Bowser!
 Bowser: Hi Mario, Ready for....
 Mario: The Teaparty?! Yea!! You even bought a Peach Pinata!!!
 Peach: NO MARIO!!!!! [ Gets Wacked in the face]
 WillB  Bowser: Well, what are you waiting for? Battle me!
 Mario (playing pacman): Over 9,000 points.
 boomaster  peach:mario help me
 bower: bwaaaawaa u wil never save her now
 mario: im a commin peach hold on.
 Crystal Kirby  Peach: Mario, help me!!!
 Bowser:There is no way in the world you can save her!!
 Mario(thinking): Whoa, this looks scary.
 Mario: Bowser, let-a go of Peach, or you'll-a have to die a scary death!!
 Bowser: I can't fall. This is a RPG.
 Mario: A Rating Pending General?
 Peach: No, Mario. That ugly turtle means this is a role-playing game.
 Mario: Oh!!!
 Bowser: Now die!!!
 WillBillXP  Bowser: Its no use this time Mario! Princess Peach has choked to
 death and won't tell you to attack the chains this time!
 Mario:............................three things: you just told me what to do,
 I've played this game a gazillion times,
 Bowser: Erm.....well she is tied up and is hanging.....uh oh.
 Why didn't I think of this one....
 Peach: I'm not dead you idiots! And this rope is
 around my stomach and not my neck!
 Mario: oh peach, I can hear your voice in the winds.
 You will pay for this Bowser!
 Bowser: She isn't dead you stupid sucker!
 I was only kidding (Hope he bought it)
 Peach: Can you untie me please? The easiest fight in the entire game
 has just turned into the most annoying thanks to your wisecracks Bowser.
 MIMM  Bowser: All of your Princess are belong to me.
 Mario: WTF?
 Tanooki Mario  Ok. These games starring me has gone too far.
 Yoshi !!!!!!  Peach: Hey! It would be easier to put me in a castle guarded with
 Koopas, Paratroopas, Spinies, Lakitu's, and Bullet Bill's and more
 enermies and surrounded with Airships and Bosses and thwomps and---
 Mario: Peach, shuuuut uuuuuup!
 Bowser: Hey thats not such a bad idea!
 I Like Luigi  I wonder why Mario isn't just cutting the rope and running off,
 leaving Bowser standing there, surprised and confused.
 nintendude  Mario : You know that peach cannot be saved if these
 platforms we are standing on fall?
 Boswer : oh man the chain is snapping.
 Gamemaner1234  Bowser: MUAHAHAHA! Peach is tied up and
 there is nothing you can do about it!
 Mario: Bowser, the chain to the light you are standing on is breaking.
 *chain breaks*
 Bowser: HELP!!!!!!!
 Mario: Yeah, right.
 pete  peach:mario! yay youer here!
 bowser:bwahaha youll never get her now!
 mario:actually im just here to talk about youre mortgage bills there droping
 bowser:oh crap! um lets talk about this somewhere else
 Clide Yizzle  No Mario, this is how you teach em'
 XTari 2600
 (Mike Kelso)
 Bowser: Ha, ha, ha! You have no choice to
 say goodbye to your heroine, Mario!
 Mario: Okay dokey! Just drop her down the gap!
 Peach: What the heck's wrong with you?!
 Mario: Nothing!
 Bowser: Any last words, Prince-of-death?
 Mario: Come ON! Drop her!
 And she is dropped, and never, never heard of again!
 Peach (at the bottom) I'm still alive!
 MarioManiacMan123  Mario: Ok, I can jump, but this is just *beep*ed up, Bowser.
 Bowser- Thanks for that! Glad my plan worked for once.
 Mario- Nah, I read the script. I'm going to kick your butt yet again
 and then later on, you're going to join the
 Mario Forces and help kill Smithy's Gang.
 Bowser- ...
 Peach- Director, Mario and Bowser keep talking.
 Who the *beep* is going to get me down from here?
 Sean  Bowser: Hey Mario let's play Pinata
 Matt  So sorry for you to, "hang around" Princess Peach!
 WillB  Narrator: Castle: 2,000,000 coins
 Chandieleir: 6,000 coins
 Mario pwning Bowser: Priceless
 Boswer: Hey!