Nintendo City - Caption #5

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 Mario Styx  DK: DOMO ARIGATO, MR. ROBOTO.  DOMO domo.  DOMO domo.
 Old Man WItherspoon: Oh you dang kids and your pop music.
 Mr. X  DK: Ummmm.... Is there an outlet out here to plug this thing in?
 Cranky: In my day we didn't have fancy things like outlets!
 Gameboy675  It's Dk, Donkey Kong! He's the leader of the pack you know him well.He's
 finally back,to kick some tail!
 Mr. Game and
 Watch (BTape)
 Cranky: NO NO NO! Your Robot is way off! TRY AGAIN!
 Sax  Donkey kong:Y!!!!! M!!!!! C!!!!!!!!!! A!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Dude at the bottum:AND IT IS THE
 Donkey Kong: y!!!!!!!! m!!!!!!!!!!!! z!!!!!!!!! a!!!!!!!
 Dude at the bottum:and the best is!
 Donkey Kong:Y!!!!!!!!! M!!!!!!!! C!!!!!!!! A!!!!!!!!!
 Boom Box:SHUT UP!!! YOU GUYS!
 Prongs  Turn the racket down before i use my walking stick!!
 Cranky Kong: DK, the radio isn't on.
 Sott  DK: Hello kids, today in the DK Learn-and-play Show I will invite one of you,
 guys, to come up here with me...
 Kids: YAY!!!
 Cranky: Me! Me! Please!
 Cranky: Ooooh... Err... I picked the wrong palm tree...
 *Cranky goes away*
 DavDude  DK:Im Glad You Decided to Dance With Me Cranky.
 Now Come Up to the stage where the fans can see actually see you!
 Cranky:Pipe Down Sonny boy! and let your pappy get his groove on!!!
 Super TeckDrew
 100 &
 TeckDrew 88
 DK:I'm on a tree!!
 Cranky:Yes,you've been saying that for an HOUR you big ape.
 DK:Oh,Then...uh....I'm on a tree listening to a radio!!!
 Cranky:You have been saying that for4 HOURS you nincompoop.
 DK:Oh.....I'm on a tree listening to a radio dancing.
 Cranky:You have been saying that ALL DAY.
 Super TeckDrew 100:That's enough moving on.
 NinDude38  Cranky: Get Down Here And TURN DOWN THAT MUSIC!!!!!!
 DK: ( Ignores Cranky and Daces)
 lord of kirby  Cranky:TURN THAT NOISE DOWN NOW!
 DK:sorry dude i was jus-
 Cranky:I DONT CARE turn it down
 DK:OK OK OK! SHESHE kranky he thinks im making noise he's the one yelling.
 Prince Peasley  Donkey Kong: How the heck do I work this thing?
 Cranky Kong: Bah kids these days are the ones clueless to technology...the
 old kind at least!
 Stick  THIS... is a "What the?" moment
 I Like Luigi  Cranky: DK stop listening to that radio, its too loud!
 Master Yoshi  DK:Help!
 Cranky:Give me my radio first!
 DK *gives Cranky the radio.*
 DK:Now get me down.
 Canky:Wait this is my fav 300000000000000 songs!
 Nintendude  Donkey Kong : oh yeah you got served!
 Cranky Kong : oh yeah!, hitting you with this random stick says otherwise..
 Fawful  Cranky:YOU CRAZY KID! Back in my day we had REAL music!
 Not dumb Rock and Roll or Rap!  We had Country Shuffle!
 Donkey Kong (in head):If only his brain was in 2007....
 Gus  DK:Cranky wake up how many bananas have fallen.
 Cranky:Keep Jamming
 Adam  For the last time, Donkey Kong, we're not making a Donkey Konga 3!
 Super Dude  Cranky: DK Please Play Rock music
 DK: Can you dance to that?
 Cranky: No
 DK: I'll put it on!
 good_no_bakes  Cranky: If your gonna dance, dance like i did back in the day when i danced 
 while waiting for jumpman to come and atempt to thwart my evil plans of
 kidnapping people!!!!
 Anonymous  Cranky: You kids today and your climbing up trees and your tie wearing and 
 your nothing else wearing and your dancing and your boom boxes and....
 DK: No! Another rant!
 Toadette  Donkey Kong: Do the DK, Donkey Kong! Uh huh, uh huh. Uh huh uh huh uh
 huh. Oh yeah! Boogy!
 Cranky Kong:Shut up!
 I Like Luigi  Weatherman on the Radio: And, in 5 seconds, there will be a very large
 DK: Uh-oh...
 (DK gets zapped.)
 Cranky: I told ya dancing on treetops and listenin' to the radio was dangerous!
 Geddown from there!
 Sean  Hey! turn that racket down!!!!
 Stick  I like to move it move it.
 nintends  Donkey Kong: look at me! im rocin the house
 nodyarG  HEY, MACHELENA!!! Yeah, DO IT KRANKY!!!
 gameboy675  (Radio):Donkey Konga!Donky Konga!...Donkey Konga!Donke-
 Cranky:Shut that off!