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Missingno. for Dummies

By: Adam

I'm sure many of you guys have heard of the infamous Missingno. glitch on Pokemon Red and Blue. Sure, you can get it on a GameShark, but you don't need one to get Missingno. Here's how to get him!

First off, I would like to say that misuse of this glitch can permanently damage your game, from erasing your file to destroying your game. I won't take any responsibility for that.
*Using this glitch too many times makes it slightly longer to do.
*Keeping a Missingno. in your PC can damage your game.
*This glitch works only on Pokemon Red and Blue for the Game Boy. It does not work for Yellow Version.
*Using this glitch, even if you use it right, will still mess up your Pokemon League Data when you look at it on the PC. It can change the background music of the Pokemon Center temporarily, show that you used Pokemon you've never seen, and that you beat the Elite Four with about 10 Pokemon. However, it won't affect your gameplay.
*The stuff here is based off of my own experiences. Information on here may vary. Not all facts may be 100% correct.

All right, here we go. My instructions are precise but very easy to do.

There are a few requirements to doing this glitch.
1. You must be able to FLY to Cinnibar Island, which means having the badge and a Pokemon who knows FLY, and along with having been there.
2. Same goes with SURF
3. This isn't required, but bring along some good items, from your Master Ball to Full Restore to Nuggets. You should also have at least one high level Pokemon and an empty spot in your roster.

Here we go!

1. Go to Viridian City and talk to the old man who needed his coffee. He'll ask you if you're in a hurry. Say NO. He'll teach you how to catch a Pokemon.

2. Fly immediately to Cinnibar Island and go to the east coast of it. Get a Pokemon to SURF on the coast, that area where you immediately go to upon surfing. Do not go into the deep water. Just go up and down the east coast of Cinnibar. Before going up and down though, look at instruction number three.

3. Insert a good item, like a Master Ball or Full Restore into the SIXTH slot in your item slot.

4. Continue Surfing along the coast. Eventually, you should run into a wild Pokemon. Occasionally it will be a random Pokemon with levels ranging from 0 to 100 or so. RUN away from these, but eventually you should run into Missingno. You'll be able to tell when you see him by when the screen goes black just as a battle starts, it should go black for a few seconds longer. There you will see Missingno.

5. Don't attack. Don't attempt to catch him. Just RUN. If you can't run away, then attack him and try to kill him, but don't capture him.

6. After that, go to your BAG. By the quantity of your sixth item there should be a glitchy symbol. You have about 150 of that item.

See what I mean? You can have 150 Master Balls to catch anything you want, or Rare Candies to level up everyone to level 100, Full Restores and Max Revives, or 150 Nuggets to get tons of cash. You can do this glitch any item, and you can even have multiple Bicycles or Silph Scopes, even though copying special items doesn't really change them.
You can store these items in your PC, and the glitchy symbol may be replaced with a 99, so when you deposit 150 Super Potions you may lose 50 of them, but you can withdraw one, redo the glitch and have even more Super Potions.
And Super Potions are just an example. You can copy ANY ITEM for free! In my bank I have about 600 Rare Candies and 400 Master Balls from the glitch. This glitch is great. I beat the Elite Four with a level 100 Dragonite, which I caught at the Safari Zone as a Dratini. I just fed it 85 Rare Candies.
With a few tries, you can have HUNDREDS of whatever item you wish.
You can REDO this glitch as much as you want.

But something's missing, isn't it?
"I want to catch Missingno.!"
Chill out, you can catch him safely, as long as you do it carefully.

Redo the glitch and find Missingno. His level should range, so be careful. Each random Pokemon encountered and their levels are different for each game based on the name. I usually encounter level 132 Mewtwos, level 80 Golducks, and level 80 or 132 Missingnos.
You can try using Ultra Balls if you want, but you should catch him with one of your many hundred Master Balls.

His cry is similar to Nidoran, but it can vary.
Its type is Normal and Flying. Its attacks are Water Gun, Water Gun (It has two of them) and Sky Attack.
When you catch him, HAVE AN EMPTY SLOT IN YOUR ROSTER. If he gets into your PC he can screw up your name. There is no Pokedex data for him, and in your start roster he looks like a person, but if you put your cursor on him he turns into a lightbulb and back again. This can change depending if you're battling or not.
If Missingno. is in your party, your battles will be screwed up. Encounter a Wild Pokemon, their picture will be flipped. If you see a Pidgey, it will be facing right instead of left. Your own pixel in battle will be screwed up. Attacking a Pokemon will mess up its pixels and your own Pokemon's. Missingno. coming out of its Pokeball will take a bit longer as well. This will happen even if Missingno. is not battling. Gameplay outside of battles is unchanged.
DO NOT SAVE THE GAME IF YOU HAVE CAUGHT MISSINGNO.! If you catch one of the random Pokemon, that's okay. (I have a level 80 Golduck and level 132 Mewtwo in my computer.)

I hope that helps you non-GameShark owners like me.
Missingno.'s glitch power is great, but don't overdo it. Follow my instructions and feel free to email me at flashback25@aol.com for any questions on this, or how to catch Safari Zone Pokemon in the wild and Glitch City.

Use this glitch responsibly.

Submitted By: Adam
E-Mail: flashback25@aol.com
Date Submitted: August 16th, 2007

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