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Past Updates

I have been saving all my Updates since I started Nintendo City.
If for some reason you want to see them you can.

Site Update: Saturday, April 28th, 2007

Well, get ready for some comics and reviews and a memory.

Prince Peasley has sent in a review for Super Paper Mario.
Adam has sent in a review for Donkey Kong.
And Michael has sent in a review for Red Steel.

Eli has sent in a Memory/Experience of SMB.

And Prince Peasley has sent in Episode 4 of Mario and Wario: Superstar Saga and Episode 4 of Super Luigi RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars.
Also, not including One Liners, those bring Prince Peasley's Comics to 150!!!
I congratulate him on hitting 150. :)

So thanks to those who sent in reviews, and thanks to Prince Peasley for sending in 150 Comics.

Now I am almost finished something I wanted up today.
So if I have time I'll try and put it up later today, if not I'll put it up on Wednesday.

Well, have a great Saturday.

Site Update: Wednesday, April 25th, 2007

Alrighty, welcome to to Wednesday's update.

First off, we have 2 reviews sent in.
Adam has sent in a review for The Legend of Zelda: Four Sword Adventures.
Mr. X has sent in a review for Gauntlet.

Next off, Adam has also written a review of the ol' Super Mario Bros. Movie.

Tyler Alverson has made another Wallpaper, this time of two green heroes,
Link and Luigi.
Tyler has also sent in a comic titled Pixaled Parodies.

And last, but definitely not least, Prince Peasley has sent in 3 comics.
Episode 2 of Legend of Link 2, Episode 3 of Mario and Wario: Superstar Saga, and Episode 3 for Super Luigi RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars.

That's it for right now.
But I was thinking about Koomba last night, and I figured out what I want to happen to the series in the next few episodes, so I will begin on Episode 8, and it should be up this Saturday, or next Wednesday.

Thanks for stopping by.

Mini-Update: Tuesday, April 24th, 2007

This is just a mini-update, I did a couple things.

First off I took the News Panel off the Right Hand Navigation. I just haven't updated it in so long, it shouldn't be there. Maybe in the future if I feel I can and want to do News, it'll come back. So the Poll is now at the top, and I made a new Forum Image for the right side.

I've also tweaked the Pictures Tab under the Left Hand Navigation.

I've also touched up the Fan Art Section. It's now divided into 3 categories, each for the Fan Art Type, Drawn, Computer, and Miscellaneous.
I've also made thumbnails for all the Fan Art.

That's it for this mini-update, there should be one on Wednesday.

Site Update: Saturday, April 21st, 2007

Welcome, we have some reviews, trivia test, and a comic today.

First off Chris Richey has sent in a review for Alex Rider: Stormbreaker.
James Bryon has sent in a review for Super Smash Bros. Melee.
Michael has sent in a review for Excite Truck.
Adam has sent in a review for Metroid Fusion.
I thank them all for taking the time to write these reviews and submit them.

Adam has also made a Trivia Test for Twilight Princess, so check that out.

I have made a comic titled The Apostrophe.
I made an alternate ending for it, then when I was adding it to the site, I realized it could work ok as a "Choose your Path" Comic. So you get to choose what to do at the end of the comic. I kind of like the idea, I may do something like it again sometime.

Anyway, I really want to make the next Koomba Comic, they really need to come out more often, so I'm going to try and have it up in the next week or so.

Well, that's it for now, thanks to all those who took the time and effort to submit something to the site.

Site Update: Wednesday, April 18th, 2007

Barely made this Wednesday's update, I've been doing various things, but I knew I had to have something up today.

WillBillXP has made an amazing Phoenix Wright Review. It's not like other reviews, it's done in an unique way, which really could only be done for Phoenix Wright.
The whole review is done like a court case with lots of text and images to go along with it, this is a must read.
So make sure to check out this review.

I have also added the following 10 DS Games to the DS Games Database.
Diddy Kong Racing DS
Kirby Squeak Squad
Mario Hoops 3-on-3
Mario vs. Donkey Kong 2: March of the Minis
NEW Super Mario Bros.
Pac'N Roll
StarFox Command
Yoshi's Island DS

I've also changed the Poll, this time it asks a question that I've seen debated many times on forums. Which is the best Mario RPG?
I love them all, they're all amazing games, but my vote has to go to
Legend of the Seven Stars.
So, vote in the poll, and then take a look at the forum topic and see what people are saying about it.

That's it for right now. I really want to get alot more things done soon. I really want to make the next Koomba Comic, I'm just trying to figure out where I want to happen in the next few episodes.

I think I may try and sit down and finish the rest of this section I've seem to be putting aside for the last month and a half, I'd like to open it this Saturday, or next Wednesday.

Site Update: Saturday, April 14th, 2007

Today we have a new staff member, Adam who has been sending in reviews lately is now a staff member. Welcome aboard.
He has also sent in a review for the Famicom Disk System Game,
All Night Nippon Super Mario Bros. So check it out.

Sott has sent in Episode 3 of his Fan Fiction Story Bowser's Story.

Ragumshnagum has sent 2 sequels to his comic Time Travel, so check out Time Travel 2 and 3.
Yoshi has sent in Episodes 1 and 2 of his new comic titled Yoshi Comic.
Nintendude has sent in Chapters 4-6 of his comic Super Mario Super Comic, it has some interesting scenes just added into the chapters, such as a list of Rejected Hammer Bros., and then 6 new Hammer Bros. with a description.

And finally, but definitely not least, Prince Peasley has sent me Episode 1 of his new comic series, I never saw this coming, and was really happily surprised when I got it, the sequel to Legend of Link, it's
The Legend of Link II: A Link to the Past, Episode 1 is awesome, so check it out.

That's it for this update, I want to have a few different things done for Wednesday, such as a new section a started on back in February/March and just seemed to stop, I want to get it up sometime this month.

Announcement: Friday, April 13th, 2007

Super Mallow from SMRPG Legacy is trying to get a true Sequel to Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars.
That being my favourite Mario RPG, and one of my favourite games overall, I fully support the initiative and petition along with it.
I'd love too see a sequel and with Square and Nintendo starting to work together again, I think chances are better than ever.
So check out the site www.smrpgsequel.com and get some info on it, and sign that petition.

Site Update: Wednesday, April 11th, 2007

Got a few things today. :)

Prince Peasley just sent me 2 Episode 2's. Episode 2 of Mario and Wario, and Episode 2 of Super Luigi RPG. Great episodes, funny, so check them out.

I have added the following 10 Gamecube Games to the Database.
1080 Avalanche
Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour
Mario Power Tennis
Mario Superstar Baseball
Metroid Prime 2: Echoes
Pikmin 2
Sonic Adventure DX
Super Mario Strikers
Wave Race: Blue Storm

That's it for today, there should be some cool stuff this Saturday.

Site Update: Saturday, April 7th, 2007

Happy Easter Everyone.
Well, it will have past by the next update, so I wanted to say it now.

There's a couple things today, there will be more on Wednesday.

Anyway, I've added a Music Page to the SMB3 Shrine, it has abunch of music from the game, such as World Theme Music, Level Theme Music, a few Sound FX.

I also made a comic, a sequel to one I mad awhile ago, it's
Bowser's Perfect Plan 2.

That's it for right now, expect a bigger update on Wednesday.

I think I will also start making the next shrine soon, I want to have more than 1 shrine appear every April 3rd.

Well, have a great Easter everyone.

Site Update: Wednesday, April 4th, 2007

I know I said there wouldn't be a Wednesday update this week, but thanks to some people sending stuff in, I am able to have one. So Thanks to those who sent stuff in.

Well, let's get into this update.

Four reviews have been submitted.
Gold Yoshi's on a roll with these reviews, he sends in a review for Majora's Mask.
lyoko411 sends in two more reviews, one for Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life, and one for Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean.
And last but not least, Tanooki Mario sends in a review for F-Zero X. That was the first F-Zero game I played, and I loved it, so I was curious too see what he thought of it. So check it and the others out.

Sott sends in Episode 1 and 2 of a Fan Fiction series Bowser's Story.

Ragumshnagum sends in a cool comic titled Time Travel.

Tyler Alverson made a really nice looking Super Mario Wallpaper, very nice.

And finally, Amatatomba has made a test for The Minish Cap. Its a good test, so if you've played The Minish Cap, take it and see how well you know The Minish Cap.

I thank those who sent stuff in, and made this update possible.

Site Update: Tuesday, April 3rd, 2007

Welcome to Nintendo City's third anniversary.
Its cool to see the site turn 3, when I started the site 3 years ago, I was had no idea what would happen.

Alot has happened this past year, and alot has not happened. This past year there was a lack of updates. And I'm determined to not repeat this in year 4. I want year 4 to be the biggest year ever for Nintendo City, I plan to expand the site more than ever this next year.

Well, I first want to announce that Amatatomba has a blog hosted here at Nintendo City. She talks about all sorts of stuff there, there is Nintendo Content, but a whole bunch of other stuff too, so check it out, and check back to it often.
Click Here to go to it

Now with today's update.
I've written a year-end review, like I did before. So if your bored, you can check that out.

But what I'm very excited is to launch Nintendo City's Third Shrine on its Third Anniversary.
I can think of no better shrine to launch now, then my favourite game of all time
Super Mario Bros. 3.

Currently the shrine has general info on enemies, worlds, mario's suits, items, etc.
Some Cheats and Tips including some Game Genie Codes. Instruction Manuals for the NES and SNES Version.
A guide for the game, which goes through the levels and has some info on them.
Tons of Screenshots.
Info and pictures on a couple Nintendo Power Issues that had info on SMB3.
And more.

But SMB3 being such a massive hit and amazing game, I can add so much more, and I plan to throughout the next year.

Well, Check out the shrine at SMB3.com

Well, It's been a great 3 years, and I hope there will be many more years to come.
I also want to thank everyone who's helped out this past year. Thanks.
I think year 4 will be the biggest year yet, so check back often.

Site Update: Saturday, March 31st, 2007

Welcome to today's update.

We have 3 review submitted.
Wet Bones sent in a review for Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island.
haphazard has sent in a review for Geist.
I thank them for them.
Gold Yoshi continues to send in reviews, he has sent in a review for Wii Sports, I thank him for continue to send in reviews.

Yoshi has sent in a Fan Art image titled Yoshi Party.
I thank him for that.

I've made 3 Trivia Tests.
The first is 10 random questions about Mario Kart 64.
The second is a True or False test on Super Mario World.
The third is a True or False test on Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars.

Well, that's it for now. But come back on Tuesday, for Nintendo City's 3rd Year Anniversary. Because of that, this weeks Wednesday update will be moved to Tuesday.

Well, I gotta get back to Tuesdays update, I'm frantically trying to get everything done and ready.

Site Update: Wednesday, March 28th, 2007

I really like having these scheduled updates. Anyway, on with today's update.

lyoko411 has sent in a review for Sonic and the Secret Rings.
Gold Yoshi has sent in 2 reviews, one for Ocarina of Time and New Super Mario Bros.
I thank them both for taking the time to write and send in those reviews.

Yoshi!!! has sent in a Fan Art Collage of Mario Kart: Super Circuit. It looks pretty cool, so check it out.
I thank him for sending it in.

I've made 3 comics.
The first is a short one, Doctor Doctor 2, a sequel to one I made over 2 years ago.
The other is longer, and is titled Dixie's Hair.
And the third is a weird comic-thing I made. I was playing Super Mario RPG, and thought I'd go to the Deluxe Hotel Suite in Marrymore. Well, when I was walking around the suite, I wondered if I could somehow turn it into a comic.
So I took gameplay footage of Mario in the hotel room, and added subtitles to give it a story. I was kind of limited, I could only do as much as the game would allow.
It's really a weird comic video, and doesn't make much sense. But, I made it and now its online. It's simply called Super Mario's Hotel Stay.

Well, that's it for today, I know what I want done on Saturday, so I'll make sure I get it done.

Site Update: Saturday, March 24th, 2007

Having these update days sure does help, it just somehow makes me work on the site before I do other random things. It's nice how such a simple idea may bring back regular updates, as it seems to be doing.

Anyway, on with today's update.

I've added GBA Games to the Games Database, it currently has 25 games in it, but I hope that will grow along with the other game sections throughout the coming months.

I have also made a new poll. This one has the most choices ever, 17.
It asks Which is the best N64 game out of a selection of the most popular N64 Games.
I have no idea who to vote for, Super Mario 64, Ocarina of Time, Paper Mario.
I will probably just vote for Super Mario 64.

Anyway, I know what I want for Wednesday's update, so I'll make sure I get it up on Wednesday.

Site Update: Wednesday, March 21st, 2007

Here's this week's Wednesday Update. I think doing updates this week is really going to help. These last few days I made sure I did a good amount each day, and moved quick today to make sure I got it all done. So I think doing updates this way will bring back regular updates.

Anyway, let's dive into today's updates.
Mike a.k.a raps_mvp has sent in Part 4 of the New Stories of Mario and Luigi.

Adam has sent in a review for Pokemon Yellow Version.

WillBillXP sent in the sequel to his Fan Fiction story Menace.
So check out Menace 2.

I thank these people for their submissions.

And this is what I have been working on, I've wanted to do this for along while now. It seems like the next step for the site, Videos.
I know we have a Video Section now, but it was never really developed.
Now it will be. I've made Gameplay Footage from NES, SNES, N64, and Gamecube Games and have put them online. These aren't supposed to be speed runs, just regular 'ol Gameplay Footage to show off the game.
All videos are in WMV and MOV format. I didn't want to leave out Mac users.
There are currently Videos for 41 Games, and 159 Videos Total.
You can choose the option of viewing the video in your web-browser, or just download the video to your computer.
And if a review has a video for its game, there will be a link to it on the right hand side under the screenshots. Also, any Games in the Games Database which have videos, are now linked to its video page.
For the most part I want to focus on the older Nintendo Systems for videos, the NES and SNES. But I will still make some for the others.
And my brother Jakey wanted me to say that he played as Donkey Kong in the Mario Party 4 Videos. :)

Anyway, without further ramblings, Click Here to enter the Video Section.

I know what I want done for Saturday's Update, so it will be up then. :)

Site Update: Saturday, March 17th, 2007

Welcome to this weeks Saturday Update.
Now let me explain. The other day WillBillXP pmed me on the forum about the lack of updates and far apart updates.
This got me thinking, of how I might finally solve this seamlessly never-ending problem. Then it hit me, a simple solution. My whole life I've always been a person who loves a routine and schedule.
So that is what I am going to do here for the Updates.
Nintendo City will now have two updates a week, one on Saturday and one on Wednesday. Every week. That's my deadline every week, and I must have an update on each of those days.
Also, by having two set update days every week, instead of trying for 3 or more.
Those updates will be bigger, and give me more time to work on a section in greater detail.
I hope this works out, and I think it will.

Well, here's todays update.

Michael has sent in a review for Wii Sports.
Gold Yoshi has sent in a review for Red Steel.
And Adam has sent in 3 reviews. One for Kid Kool, one for Super Mario Sunshine, and one for Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

I thank them for their reviews. It's what builds the review database.

Tyler Alverson is back with a brand new and awesome looking comic.
It's titled A Pixaled World. The Prologue and Part 1 are up now.

The Poll has been changed. My brother just finished Donkey Kong Country 3, the first time he's played it. (He's played the other 2.) Anyway, he said he loves the 3rd the best, and said Nintendo City should have a Donkey Kong Country Poll, so that's the latest poll.
I love all the Donkey Kong Country Games, but my vote has to go with
Diddy's Kong Quest.

Well, that's it for right now. But after every update from now on, I will think of what I want to have done for the next update and then make sure I do.
And I will be finishing off this thing I have been working on, it will be up on Wednesday's Update.

Announcement: March 5th, 2007

I just wanted to mention a new project I was shown.
It's a Fan Based Super Mario Film. There's a trailer up now, and it gets you wanting too see more, it's all nice 3D animation.
The website is at www.crumblenet.com
You can see the trailer there. I recently heard its about 10% done.
Here are two images from the film, they look very nice.
Goomba   |   Mario

Site Update: March 3rd, 2007

6 Reviews today.

lyoko411 sends in two reviews, one for Final Fantasy IV Advance, and one for Twilight Princess for the Wii.
Adam, sends in a review for Zelda II: The Adventure of Link.
Someone who goes by Yoshi has sent in a review for Mario Kart Super Circuit.
My brother Jake sent in a review for Street Fighter II for the SNES.
And Keiffer sends in a review for the NES game Wacky Races.

Thanks to all those reviewers.

There should be an update tomorrow or the day after.

Site Update: February 28th, 2007

Screenshots have been added for 10 Gamecube Games, they are,
1080 Avalanche
Battalion Wars
DK Jungle Beat
Donkey Konga
F-Zero GX
Kirby Air Ride
Mario Power Tennis
Shadow the Hedgehog
Super Monkey Ball 2

Site Update: February 27th, 2007

The Games Database has now been tweaked, and this is how it will be from now on.
First off, in what seems like a step backward, I removed the Players and Genre Pages. I did this because when I sit down and want to add 10 or more games to the database, it becomes so tedious and time consuming linking all these games by Genre and Players.
I want the Games Database to be for a collection of games, and have content for each game, not a place to cross reference games. By doing this, I will be able to update it more often, with more games.
I kept the Publisher and Developers though.

The second tweak is a forward leap. So many games didn't have content for certain areas, Trivia, Cheats, etc. But there would be all these empty boxes for them. They have all be removed. There is now a bar above each games description, with links to Reviews, Screenshots, etc, whatever is available for that game. So you can quickly see what content that game has.

Anyway, this update is just some tweaks. But tweaks that needed to take place now so the Database could expand, which I plan on doing with it now.
I saw so many games without Screenshots, Reviews, etc, and I want to add them. I also saw so many great games not in the database, that need to be added.

That's all for now, look for more updates very soon.

Site Update: February 26th, 2007

I know I should have had an update sooner, but I have been keeping busy doing a variety of things. So in the next couple weeks there should be some cool new sections opening, and some other updates. I am also going to start on the next shrine, I want too have it done by the first week of April.

Anyway, I thank all those who sent in things, here they are.

Let's start with a really cool guide I was sent, a Cleaning Guide for NES Games.
It shows with pictures how to clean the pins for NES Games.

Next we have some comics.
splinter cell jr. sends in 5 parts to a series titled The Nintendo Mix Up.
Nintendude sends in 3 Chapters of a series titled Super Mario Super Comic.
And Mike a.k.a raps sends in a comic titled Do A Barrel Roll.

Kirston Allan Garrett sends in episodes 24-27 to his
Fan Fiction series SuperStar Smash bros.Z.

Next we have a whole bunch of reviews.
Gold Yoshi sends in a review for Twilight Princess. People sure love this game, as the 3 reviews Nintendo City has of the game, the lowest score is 9.7:)
lyoko411 sends in a review for Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles.
MattC13 sends in a review for Animal Crossing.
Animal Crossing must be a continuing popular game, as Luigi'sfan4ever also sends in a review for it.
Nintendude sends in a review for one of my favourite games of all time,
The Lost Vikings.
DB_nintendo sends in a review for Wii Sports.
Mr. X sends in a review for Kirby Squeak Squad.
Adam sends in a review for Majora's Mask.
And last but not least, WillBillXP sends in 6 reviews.
They are for Super Mario Land, Goldeneye 007, Ocarina of Time, Superman 64, Super Mario 64, and Resident Evil 4.

I thank all those who sent in these things.

Next I'm going to be tweaking the Games Database a bit, that should be done sometime very soon. Then a new section to the site will open.
And shortly after that a couple other sections and things will open.

The next few days and March will be a busy time for Nintendo City.

Site Update: February 11th, 2007

I've been working on new things for the site the past week. That section I've been wanting to make for over a year should be up sometime this month. I've finally been able to start it, and make some progress.
But I thought I should have some sort of update, so I made a comic, and updated the Poll.

The comic is titled Yet Another Warp Zone Mishap.

I've added a new Poll, asking which is the Best Classic Console. The NES, SNES, N64, and Can't Decide are the options.
I don't know which too vote for. One second I think SNES, the next N64, then NES. It really just depends on my mood. Although I do play the NES and SNES the most.
Anyway, that's the poll.

I'll try and have some random type of update tomorrow.

Site Update: February 2nd, 2007

Prince Peasley sent me Episode 1 of his other new series,
Mario and Wario: Superstar Saga. Another hit from Prince Peasley.

Congratulations Prince Peasley for creating another two great series. I, and I'm sure others are excited too see both series grow.

Site Update: February 1st, 2007

I've added 10 GBA Screenshot Pages. The following games now have screenshot pages.
Advance Wars 2
Banjo Pilot
Donkey Kong Country
Donkey Kong Country 2
Donkey Kong Country 3
Donkey Kong King of Swing
Dr. Mario and Puzzle League
Dynasty Warriors Advance
Final Fantasy IV
Pocket Dogs

I also saw how there isn't a GBA Section in the Games Database. So I'll be adding one soon.
I also want too say that I'm going to start work on a new section that I've been wanting to make for, probably close too or over a year. I don't want to open it up with just a few pages. So I'll be working on it every day or two for the next while, until the sections a decent size. (Wow, typing this reminds me of another section I have been wanting to make since Summer, I should start on that soon as well.)

Anyway, I'll start working on it, while making sure to have multiple updates a week.

Site Update: January 31st, 2007

Here it is, the day we've all been waiting for.
Prince Peasley has sent me Episode 1 of his new comic series
"Super Luigi RPG: The Legend of the Seven Stars"
Episode 1 is great, and I can't wait too see episode 2.

Prince Peasley is also working on episode 1 of another new series starring Mario.
So get ready too see it in the next few days.

Site Update: January 31st, 2007

I have made screenshots for 10 SNES Games. Pages for each game has been added to the SNES Screenshots section.
The added games are listed below.
Batman Returns
Kirby's Dream Course
Lester the Unlikely
Pac in Time
Rock N' Roll Racing
Super Castlevania IV
Super Double Dragon
The Ninja Warriors

I want to start building up the Screenshots database. Once or twice every two weeks I'll pick at pretty much random 10 games, then get screenshots for those games.
Anyway, there should be an update tomorrow.

Site Update: January 29th, 2007

I've scanned 17 more NES Carts and added them to the NES Cart Scans Page.
The scans are of
Barker Bill's Trick Shooting
Donkey Kong Classics
Jack Nicklaus
Kickle Cubicle
Mario Bros.
Silent Service
Skate or Die
StarTropics II: Zoda's Revenge
Tecmo Bowl

Site Update: January 28th, 2007

As I said before, there will be multiple updates every week.
And here is today's update.

I have finally finished Episode 4 of The Bowser and Mallow Comic.
I won't delay this series anymore. Provided I can't make a new one every week or two, but there should at least be a new episode every month or two. The same goes with Koomba. Speaking of Koomba, I'll be starting on Episode 8 soon.

Well, I hope you enjoy Episode 4 of The Bowser and Mallow Comic.

Site Update: January 27th, 2007

Prince Peasley has sent in the final 10 episodes of his comic series
The Legend of Link.

It's been a great series, and it's always sad too see a series end.
I guess we just look to the future, and see what cool new series Prince Peasley will create next.

Congrats on 32 great episodes Prince Peasley.

Site Update: January 25th, 2007

I'm back. Feeling much better, and ready to start giving this site updates. I'm all ready too start adding more screenshots, comics, game information, and much more.

Anyway, this is a comic update:)

It's Zelda Fest for Prince Peasley as he sends in
10 episodes of The Legend of Link. Episodes 13-22.
Mike sends in Part 3 of The NEW Stories of Mario and Luigi.
And WillBillXP sends in a comic series he made titled A Yoshi in a Dark World, there are 11 parts too that series.

I also want to mention that a great NES Site which has been inactive for awhile is now back. It has a fresh new layout, and it's going to be updated. I've been visiting this site for years, and am really glad too see it come back. It's The NES Zone.

That's it for this update. I should have one tomorrow:)

Notification: January 20th, 2007

Hey Everyone. This is just to tell you all that what I said in the last update is indeed true. There will be multiple updates every week.
I guess maybe it was just bad timing for that update. Later that night I started to feel ill, and then VERY ill. The flu just hit me, and I've been feeling awful from it since. That is why there hasn't been an update since. I was planning on having the next Bowser and Mallow done by now. I wanted too post this notification the day before yesterday, and then yesterday, I just didn't have the energy to turn on the computer and do it.
I feel better than I did the other day, but still not 100%. This flu has just taken so much energy out of me.

Well, anyway. What I said in the last update is true. I will be updating multiple times a week. No more of this weeks and months between updates.

When I feel better I will have an update, and then after that there should be multiple updates every week.

So, I'm gonna go to sleep right now, you'll probably see the next Bowser and Mallow Episode in a day or so when I'm feeling better.

Site Update: January 17th, 2007

Happy New Year Everyone!

Things will be different this year. Starting today, there will be multiple updates a week. I know I have said that many times before, so much it's getting funny.
But this REALLY is different this time for a couple reasons. One, I want too make progress on the site, I want too see it grow more, so when Nintendo City has its 3rd birthday, I will know that the site did slow down, but recovered the last few months, and year 3 will be full of growth.
Reason two makes it possible too have tons of updates, almost everyday, which I'm planning on. I'm taking time away from work for awhile. I'm focusing on Education, and Nintendo City. I have an unusual amount more time now, and I WILL NOT just throw it away, I will not waste it and look back and wish I would have updated the site. That happened in the past, and it's a big regret, I will not let that happen again.

You may still not believe the site really will get updated multiple times a week. All I can say is this time it truly is a MAJOR difference in my life, and just come back. Check out the site tomorrow, and the next. See for yourself how there are many updates every week.
I plan on having a few shrines up in the next few months, a couple new sections, News updated, Koomba and Bowser and Mallow Comics being updated often, the Games Database getting more games, and more, I may even bring back Trivia of the Week.

Anyhoo, here are the updates.
I thank all those who sent stuff in. I'm very sorry they were not up sooner, from now on they should be up within 3 days.

Let's start off with some reviews.

Tanooki Mario has sent in a review of Pokemon Pinball for the Game Boy Color.
Colin has sent in a review for Chip 'N Dale Rescue Rangers for the NES.
Luigi'sfan4ever was keeping busy with 3 reviews, one for Baseball for the NES, another for Wario World for the Cube, and another for Wind Waker for the Cube.
Amatatomba has sent in a review for Tony Hawk's American Wasteland for the Gamecube.
lyoko411 sends in a review of Final Fantasy 3 for the DS.
Finally for the reviews, Nintendo City got sent its first two Wii Reviews. It was no surprise to me that both are of Twilight Princess. Prince Peasley sent in the first review of this very anticipated game, and a couple days later Michael sent in a review for it.
Thanks for the reviews all of you.

Let's move on to 3 brilliant articles WillBillXP has made. This guy is on a roll with these great articles. They are A look back…WAY way back, which is an amazing look into the history of Nintendo, a must read for any Nintendo Fan. He also wrote a review titled Nintendo’s Equivalents to Star Wars Episodes I and II, which is another cool read. His 3rd review is The Irony of Metroid Prime, which is yet another great article that is very interesting to read.
I thank you very much for these articles WillBillXP.

Now let's go into some comics. The masters of comics Mike and Prince Peasley both send in comics.
Mike started off his comic empire with his series The Stories of Mario and Luigi, so you should check out his new series, The NEW Stories of Mario and Luigi. He sends in Parts 1 and 2 of it.
Prince Peasley is on a Zelda Rush, he sent in a Twilight Princess Review, and now he sends in Episodes 11 and 12 of The Legend of Link.
I thank them both for continuing to send in some amazing comics.

That's it for todays update. Right now I'm going to begin work on another update, which will be shown later today or tomorrow.
Also, I finally changed the Poll, now it asks which game is the best out of the amazing Super Mario Action/Adventure games for the Consoles.
I'm going with SMB3, I just love that game. SMW and SM64 are tied for second.

Well, 2007 should indeed be a big year for Nintendo City.

Merry Christmas Everyone

Merry Christmas Everyone. I hope you all have a great Christmas.

Announcement: December 21st, 2006

I just wanted to mention a comic/fan fiction story Vitani has been making, and showing on the forum. It's a very cool comic to look at and read.
It's called The Adventures of the Toads of Nintendo City.
So check it out.

Wii Drive: December 18th, 2006

Super Mallow over at Super Mario Legacy started a great cause.
It is called Wii Drive. It is too get a Wii, a Wii Game, and 2000 Wii Points to a child at a local Children's Center.
This is a great cause, and would bring a smile to a child that probably needs a few extra ones.
So please donate. It is going through PayPal, so you can donate with a Credit Card or directly from your Bank Account.
So please click this link for further info, and a link to donate.

Site Update: November 21st, 2006

I knew I had to update today, I don't want the updates to disappear for weeks again.

Well, we have some comics and a fan fiction story today.

MattC13 sends in Episode 2 of his Fan Fiction Series, Mario in High School.

Gamemaner1234 has sent me episodes of his wonderful comic series,
Super Mario Bros. Adventures.
Season 1 is now up, that is episodes 1-12. Seasons 2 and 3 will be up within the next few days.
He also adds something very cool with his comics, commentary.
Some episodes have commentary, if they do you will see a commentary button at the bottom of that comics page.

10 more episodes of Mr. Pickles' The Mario Zone are now up.
That is episodes 16-25.

And Prince Peasley sends in Episode 10 of Legend of Link, a special Wii Episode.

I have also added a new poll. I'm going with Mario Kart 64.

There should be an update on Wednesday or Thursday.

Wii: November 19th, 2006

It's finally upon us. After waiting so many days, after reading all about it. Discussing it, wondering what it would be all about. The Revolutionary System the Wii is finally released. It is exciting today. And just think what the future holds for this revolutionary system. What amazing games we will be playing in the future with it.
Wii all celebrate today as Nintendo Fans, as a new time is finally upon us, the next generation by Nintendo.

I have yet to get a Wii. I will as soon as I see one for sale in a store.
But I have already read on the forum that Prince Peasley and Mr. Pickles have both managed to get a Wii.

On a site note, I have added the option of selecting "Wii" when using the review form.

A new way of playing is now at hand.

Poll Update: November 17th, 2006

I have made a new Poll which is now shown on the right-hand side.
This one asked an age old question. Which Game Series is better? The Legend of Zelda, or Super Mario?

The first Poll asking when you are getting a Wii is still around. There is now a Polls Page, which will house all the Polls that are created. These polls will always remain active.

Site Update: November 15th, 2006

Updates continue.

It took a little over a year, but I finally made a sequel to one of the oddest comics I have ever made. Console Wars 2 is now online. So, if you want to see real pictures of consoles, with captions of them talking, then check it out.
You may also want to see the original Console Wars.

Well, I hope to have another update soon.

Site Update: November 14th, 2006

It's been awhile, but it's two updates in one day.

Prince Peasley has been sitting back, relaxing,
and making 31 more Door Wars Episodes!!!

I just got sent the episodes and was very happy. I just read all the Door Wars he sent in, as well as re-read the first 5. These 31 episodes conclude the Series, and may even show some info on other Prince Peasley Comics.

Well, I hope you'll sit back and enjoy the Door Wars series as much as I did.
Have fun.

And thanks Prince Peasley, I love reading your comics, as I'm sure many other do as well.
Also, this brings your comic total to over 100!!! 117 to be exact.

Site Update: November 14th, 2006

Wow, two updates in one month!
It's sad that, that is an amazing sight here now. But that all stops now.
As I said in the last update there WILL be an update on Tuesday, and here is Tuesday with the update. My hours at work have finally cut down a bit, so I now have more free time for Nintendo City.
I can finally start to have at least one update a week, hopefully more.
I'm very excited about this.

Well, let's dive into the updates. We have some comics and some reviews.

Let's start with the comics.
Prince Peasley and Mike (raps on the forum) have come together to create a new comic series about Kirby. A link to its page is in both of their comic sections.
Check out episode 1.

Prince Peasley brings back his legendary series "Pipes" for a special Halloween episode. I was very excited and happy when I heard about this, I love Pipes, and it's great to see it may continue on with special episodes every once in awhile.
So make sure to check it out.

ILUVZIM29 has sent in 3 more episodes of his Mario Bros. Series.
Episodes 4, 5, and 6 are now up.

Now let's get to some reviews.

Tanooki Mario writes two reviews. One for Pokemon Yellow for the Game Boy, and the other for my favourite game of all time Super Mario Bros. 3.
Make sure to check both out, SMB3 is where Tanooki Mario got his nickname, so he must love the game. :)

I wrote a review for one of my favourite GBA Games, The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap. I just love the Zeldas for the GBA, they just have such a fun unique style.
Along with that review, I have also added a Screenshots Page for The Minish Cap.

Well, that is it for this update. But I will have another soon. There will be a few more updates this month, which is a change for the better.

I have finally started work on Episode 4 of The Bowser and Mallow Comic, and am starting work on a Shrine.

Well, 'till next time, keep on saving the Princess.

Site Update: November 8th, 2006

More updates are on the horizon.
Starting next week my hours at work will go down!!! I'm very excited about it, I will now really have more time every week to work on Nintendo City. It's just what I need to bring regular updates back.
I look back at all the time I wasted in the past, when I could have been working on the site. But you can't live thinking about regrets, the past is the past. I will look to the future and not waste my free time. I will spend as much time as I can working on the site.

Today we have three amazing writings from WillBillXP.
Two REALLY good articles, one titled Nintendo's Reign of Censorship which in great detail talks about Nintendo's history with censoring games, and how what which was intended to help them, sort of bit them in the butt and gave them the kiddy image. I very good read, that I suggest everyone take a look at.
The second article is titled Similarities between the NES and N64, and is an interesting article that shows some of the similarities between the NES and N64, there may be more than you think.

WillBillXP has also written a very nice Fan Fiction story. I just had the time to read it now, and it keep me stuck to the screen reading.

Now there will be alot more stuff very soon. Some reviews, comics, and more.
I will try to have an update on Friday. But if not then, there WILL be one on Tuesday or Wednesday. And then there should be one on that weekend, and some the week after, and then the week after and so fourth.

Oh yeah! This is not all. I am excited to announce that Nintendo City will now have Polls. As you can see under the News Box, is a Poll. Every week it will change to a new question.
I haven't decided on how the Polls will all be setup. If there will be one a week, if there will be a couple a week that randomly get shown there, etc.

Well, 'till next time, keep on saving the Princess.
(Zelda or Peach, either is fine to save. :)

Site Update: October 9th, 2006

It's so nice to have an update.
Well let's get to this update, we have a little of everything, with some reviews, comics, fan art, fan fiction and even a new staff member.

Well, let's start off by welcoming the newest staff member, Tanooki Mario.
I welcome him to the staff, and I am glad to have him on board; as the reviews he's sent in have been great. He has a profile in the Staff Page.
Make sure to also check out his latest review, of Gex 64: Enter the Gecko.

Now for the other reviews which are now up.
Mr. X sends in a Super Mario World Review.
Vitani sends in a review for Bebe's Kids.
Prince Peasley has sent in a Tetris DS and Metroid Prime Review.
WillBillXP has sent in a Perfect Dark Review.
Michael has sent in a Mario Hoops 3-on-3 Review.
And Adam has sent in two reviews, one for Earthbound, and one for a GBA Japanese import, Mother 3.

I thank you all for sending in those reviews, sorry it took so long to have them up.

Now for some comics.

Prince Peasley continues his Legend of Link Series with Episode 6, 7, 8, and 9.
Tyler Alverson starts a new comic series titled Kirby Untitled. Parts 1 and 2 are up.

I thank them both for there comic submissions.

Now for some Fan Art.

Brandon Blair has sent in some images of a Ridley Sculpture he has made.
Kirston Allan Garrett has sent in 7 pictures he has made.

I thank them both as well for their Fan Art.

And now for some Fan Fiction.

Kirston Allan Garrett sends in Episodes 12-23 of his SuperStar Smash bros.Z series.
Kuraan Devonte Jones sends in Chapter One of his series, Super Allstars Advance.
And the Chronicles continue, as I am very pleased to announced the fifth part in The Chronicles of Srevermore series is now online. Shayn Davis the creator/writer of the series has also re-written the 4th part, so make sure to re-read it.

And I thank them for sending in their Fan Fiction.

That's it for now, there WILL be another update within a few days.

I want to end this update by addressing the continued delays in updates.
I am sorry for all those who sent stuff in and didn't see it up right away, I really am. But I really have been busy, and really have been tired.
But I want Nintendo City to have multiple updates a week. I loved when it did.

I will try and make sure if you send something in, that it goes up within a week, hopefully sooner. Any longer than a week is unacceptable to me.
But I need to be able to  make my own submissions; make a comic, write a review, etc. I haven't done so in a long while now.
Sometimes I really want to make my own update, and sometimes I want to update submissions by others.
So if you send something in, I will definitely try and have it up within a week.
But I must also spend time making my own submissions, as I love doing so.
I plan on having multiple updates a week, some will be updates with submissions from all you generous people, and some will just be an update with something I did. Sometimes maybe both.
I feel by doing this there will be more updates.

I want to make a few more Koomba and Bowser and Mallow Comics. Awhile ago I planned in my head the whole plot of each series for the next few episodes, and I want to make them.
That's it for this update.

I thank ALL of you who have submitted something, I don't think you realize that I truly am grateful that you submitted it to Nintendo City.

Announcement: September 21st, 2006

Ahh, I don't like seeing all these announcements, I want to see updates.

Anyway, the reason the update isn't up yet is I became sick. I started to update, and just couldn't do it. I went to work today, and had to come home early because I was too sick to finish the day.

I am feeling much better than I was the other day. And as soon as I feel a bit better I will have the update up. I am so sick of not having updates. (No pun intended.)

Announcement: September 17th, 2006

Updates are coming.
I am working on getting abunch of submissions up, and then start work on certain things. Such as the next Koomba and Bowser and Mallow Comic, as well as a few other things.

Once I get the update up, I will try and get updates to resume at a normal pace.

Announcement: August 25th, 2006

I wanted to have an announcement to talk about the Petition to Remake the AMAZING game Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. I just checked the petition, it has
Twenty-One Thousand, Eight-Hundred and Fifty Signatures!!!
So if you haven't signed the petition, then please do so.
Click Here to go to the Petition.

Also, the petition needs your help. If you want there to be a SMRPG Remake then please send an e-mail to Mr. X at davidm13@msn.com, with the Subject line saying "remake letter".
Please write about 5 sentences or so asking Square/Nintendo to make a remake, and why you want one. All these E-Mails you send will then be sent off to Square and Nintendo, and hopefully we will get a remake.

Site Update: August 24th, 2006

I knew it had to happen one day, and I guess it's that day. Prince Peasley has sent me the final episode of Pipes. I love the series, and have enjoyed reading and
re-reading the series. But I guess all things come to and end, and this is the final Episode of Pipes, number 70. I remember him sending in the first episode as if it were yesterday, and now it's the final episode.

This episode is a video.
So sit back, turn up those speakers, and enjoy the last episode of Pipes, I know I sure did.

Congratulations Prince Peasley, on making such an amazing comic series. And Thank You, for all the time I spent reading the series.
I know I will be re-reading the series for years to come.

Click Here to Watch Episode 70 of Pipes.
Click Here for a list of all Pipes Comics.

Announcement: August 23rd, 2006

I am so excited to be able to announce that the Famicom Site that FamicomJL has been working so hard on is all up and running. And it's a great site.
So, I'd like to suggest that you all check out
Famicom World, your One Stop Site For Everything Famicom.
A Button and Link for Famicom World is now on the Left Navigation Bar.

I also want to note that Famicom World is at www.famicomworld.com
I am still able to host it, as about a month ago I got the ability to host domain names.
And I am very happy I am able to, I feel very lucky and honored to be able to host a site such as Famicom World.

So, everyone check out Famicom World.

Site Update: August 20th, 2006

I have decided to update in parts, instead of updating everything at once, it makes it all easier on me.

Now, ILUVZIM29 of the forum has been sending me comics and Fan Art for awhile now, and it is finally up, and that's not all.
ILUVZIM29 is now a Staff Member, so welcome aboard.

You can check out ILUVZIM29's profile in the staff page, and also view a link to his contribution page.

Now for the update with the stuff he has sent in.
He has sent in 22 parts to a comic series titled Mario Bros..
He has also sent in two parts of a series called Super Nintendo Spoofs.
And he has sent in some great Fan Art of Star Fox, Mario and Luigi.

Well, hope to have another update soon, not just hope, I really want one.

Site Update: August 18th, 2006

Dang it. I really was hoping to have an update way before this.
I really do feel bad for not updating, I am still trying to get into a groove of updating before and after work. But it is hard. Some days after work I go straight to bed.

But I have a E-Mail folder filled with stuff to update, and I have my mind set on doing them this weekend.

But let's start things off with a bang, or should I say fest, because that's what this update is a Pipe Fest. Thanks to Prince Peasley for sending in 26 Pipes Comics!!!
Episodes 44 to 69.
I should have had them up much sooner, and I'm sorry to Prince Peasley for this.

But now they are up, so enjoy, enjoy all those wonderful Pipes Comics.

Site Update: July 13th, 2006

Finally an update. I'd like to thank all those who submitted stuff to this update, sorry it took so long to get up.

First off, we have 11 Reviews added.
Thanks to Tai K. for an Adventures of Lolo Review.
Doc for a Mario Kart 64 Review.
Fred McLeod for a Double Dragon Review.
RollerCoasterRider for a Need for Speed Most Wanted Review.
Tanooki Mario for a Mario Golf and a Nintendo World Cup Review.
Mr.Rogers for a Soul Calibur 2 Review.
Snyper for a Brain Age Review.
And three people sent in a review for New Super Mario Bros.
WillBillXP, Prince Peasley, and RollerCoasterRider.

Kirston Allan Garrett has sent in 11 episodes of a Fan Fiction Series titled SuperStar Smash bros.Z.

Johannes Reinders has sent in a picture of Link.
Fred McLeod sent in an image of a Bowser Flying Ship from SMB1(NES).

Tyler Alverson has sent in Parts 4 and 5 of his comic series Luigi's Revenge.

And Mr. X has sent in 2 amazing guides for Worlds 1 and 2 of Super Mario World, which is in a new section called Guides. A link to his guides are also in the
Super Mario World Game Page.

That is it for right now. Thank You to all who made this possible.
But I will try and start updating a few times a week.
Get ready, I think you may see another Pipes Fest sometime soon.

And I can start working on some stuff I have been wanting to for awhile now.

Announcement: July 8th, 2006

There will be an update. I have just continued to be very busy, and work takes up entire days sometimes. And on my free time, I like to spend as much of it with my family, as I don't get to as much anymore.

Anyway, I am still working on the update, almost done. If I could just get a few free hours. But I am doing this announcement to let everyone know I am not going to disappear for another two months.

I will try and have the update up soon, and when I get some free time, I will try and finally finish that Bowser and Mallow comic I started work on, it's been stuck on frame 70 for months.

Well, hopefully an update soon. Keep on playing those amazing Nintendo games.

Announcement: July 4th, 2006

I'm still working on the updates. There will be some reviews, comics, fan fiction, and even an awesome game guide.

Just wanted to say that I may update a few hours after today, on technically July 5th. I will make sure they go up before I go to sleep.

Also, It looks like a storm is a brewing where I am. When that happens I unplug my computer and don't use it. So I may update on early July 5th, when its over. (All depends with the storm.)

But I am updating, and there will be an update. I will make sure of it, as there needs to be one.

It's nice to be back here updating, I'm getting used to it again. (Was this site always this blue?)
Well, gotta get back to updating and such.

Site Update: July 1st, 2006

It is technically July 1st, but it still feels as thought its June 30th, as it is 2:11am where I am. I had to do some sort of update before I went to sleep to prove to myself and everyone else that I want the site to live.

I had to help a friend early, ended up taking hours, but when I was done, even though I was/am tired, I had to do an update.

Get back into Pipes, as Pipes Episodes 41, 42, and 43 are now online.
Thanks Prince Peasley for sending them in.

Now I will have another update soon with tons of submissions.

But my schedule at work is just awful.
I start work in a little over 6 hours, at 8:30 am. I will then work until 5pm.
I will then come home and try to sleep as soon as possible, as I have to work from 3am until 9am. (Now that 3am shift, that is brutal.)

But after that I will try and have an update.

There will be an update on the 4th, as I get that day off. I will try and get caught up.

Announcement: June 29th, 2006

Ok, how do I update again.

So what happened?

Well, as I said on the forum before I vanished. . .yet again, I got a job.
This job has been way more tiring and time consuming than I ever thought.
The store where I work is incredibly under-staffed, as everyone says, and they make me and others work extra hard to make up for lack of staff.

But that is just an excuse, I should have done something, said something.
Although I have disappeared before, this is for a bigger reason.
I need this job, it's not that I want it, but I need it.

I know if I could get caught up on the submissions, I could find an hour or maybe two a day to update. I just have to get caught up.

Why now do I do this, I just received an email from Prince Peasley. It pushed me to start, who knows when or if I would. So I thank him dearly, as he may have saved Nintendo City.

Now I truly am sorry to everyone for leaving.

Now there are tons of submissions I have got to get to.

I work tomorrow, but after work I will have some sort of update.

Site Update: May 11th, 2006

A small page  is up now, a Star Fox DS page which has a little info on the game, as well as screenshots, logos, and a render.

I added the page because I purchased the domain StarFoxDS.com a few days before E3, I just guessed they'd be making one.

Site Update: May 9th, 2006

E3 has been amazing so far, so much info from Nintendo. So much to talk about, and think about. We are talking about it in the forum.

Anyway, just a quick update, 10 StarFox DS Screenshots have been added, StarFox was just shown off at Nintendo's E3 Press Conference.

I have also added a Logo for Super Mario Galaxy, another game shown at E3, it is for the Wii, and I know it will be AMAZING.

Site Update: May 8th, 2006

Marioismyman is done another 2 comics, they are called
The Adventures of Prince P, Episodes 1 and 2.

Site Update: May 8th, 2006

There is now a DS Screenshot Sub-Section.
There are screenshots for 30 DS Games.
There are now also screenshots for all the DS games in the DS Games Database.

And tomorrow is E3. Some amazing Nintendo games will be shown, and we will probably get to see some amazing Wii gameplay footage, and learn more about the Wii.
I have setup a temporary E3 Board in the forum, to talk about all the stuff which is shown.

Site Update: May 7th, 2006

Today Prince Peasley sends in Pipes Episodes 38, 39, and 40.
With these comics, Prince Peasley has sent in 50 Comics.
I thank him for doing so.

Since Prince Peasley has hit 50 Comics, he now has his own Comic Section.
You will now notice on the navigation bar under comics, Prince Peasley's Comics.
Great going Prince Peasley:D

Site Update: May 6th, 2006

The DS Games Database is now open.
There are currently 15 games in there, each with a Game Description, Box Art, and Release Info. I hope to add more DS Game Description soon, such as for the
New Super Mario Bros. when its released.
I also want to thank Amatatomba for sending in the Animal Crossing: Wild World Game Description.

You may also notice a change on the navigation bar. There isn't a Trivia Tab anymore. Until the Trivia Section gets more built up it will be accessible through a Trivia link on the Top of the Navigation Bar.
But, there is a new tab, a Miscellaneous Tab, which features links to some sections.

I hope to have some more updates very soon.

Site Update: May 5th, 2006

Tanooki Mario has written a Super Mario Bros. Deluxe Review, this was the first game he ever owned as he said in his SMB Memory/Experience, so make sure to read what he thought of his first game.

Site Update: May 4th, 2006

Time for some reviews.

Vitani has sent in a review for R.C. Pro-Am.

Roxas-no#13 has sent in a review for Pokemon Emerald Version.

Luigi'sfan4ever has sent in a review for Mario Kart DS.

MattC13 has sent in a review for Super Mario Kart.

Mr. X has sent in a review for Metroid Prime Hunters.

And Metroid Prime Hunters must be a popular game, as zelazon has also sent in a review for Metroid Prime Hunters.

Sean has sent in two reviews, one for Sonic Heroes and the other
for Final Fantasy.

And last but not least, Tanooki Mario has sent in a wonderful Super Mario Bros. DX Memory/Experience, which has been add to the SMB Shrine.

That is it for right now. Hope to have another update soon. I am wanting to do so many things.

Site Update: May 3rd, 2006

Two Fan Fictions added.

MattC13 has re-written Mario in High School.

Mr. Pickles has written Chapters 1, 2, and 3 of a series titled
Dry Bones' Adventure.

There will be some Reviews added tomorrow, and then sometime after that a new system in the Games Database.

Site Update: May 3rd, 2006

Attack of the Pipes! As Prince Peasley sends in Episodes 34, 35, 36, and 37 of Pipes.

Announcement and Site Update: May 3rd, 2006

First off, Amatatomba is making a Harvest Moon Shrine. Now she would like any help you could offer. So if you'd like to help in anyway with the Harvest Moon Shrine, then pm her on the forum, or email her at amatatomba@nintendocity.com

Now for some comics.

Prince Peasley has sent in Episodes 32 and 33 of Pipes.

Goombario64 has sent in Episode 7 of JeyDee the Police Officer.

WillBillXP has sent in 6 comics.
He has sent in Part 6 of Mario & Luigi Stuperstar Saga, and 5 episodes in a series titled Guest Star Nonsense.

mariodude has sent in a comic titled Paper Mario.

marioismyman has sent in a comic titled The Mario Show.

Mr. Pickles has sent in a comic titled Weird War.

There will be another update later with some Reviews and Fan Fiction.
After that there will be some more One Liners, and a new system will open in the Games Database.

Site Update: April 25th, 2006

Some reviews today.

Tanooki Mario has sent in two N64 reviews, one for Mario Tennis and another for Banjo-Tooie.

Mistyfud has sent in a Game Boy Review for Game & Watch Gallery.

Gourmet Guy has sent in a Gamecube Review for Mario Golf Toadstool Tour.

Crate Guy has sent in a SNES review for Super Mario World.

Mr. Pickles has sent in a SNES review for Earthbound.

And last but not least, Luigi'sfan4ever has sent in two DS reviews. One is for Super Mario 64 DS, and the other is for Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time.

That is it for this update, there will be another one very soon with some comics.

Site Update: April 19th, 2006

I have made three single comics.
The first is a short one titled House of Cards, and stars Mega Man.
The second is titled Kong's Banana Hoard and Stars DK and Diddy.
The third is titled Bowser's Perfect Plan and stars Bowser and Mario.

Site Update: April 17th, 2006

First off, Jeremy is now going as mariodude on the site.
So mariodude has sent in a comic titled Goomba Plants a Garden.

goombario64 has sent in Issue 12 of Adventures of Goombario.
He has also sent in Episode 6 of JeyDee the Police Officer.

Roxas-no#13 has sent in a comic titled Roxas' Adventures: Season 1.

And Prince Peasley hits 30, by sending in Pipes Episodes 30 and 31.

All this these comics make me want to do some, I think I'll make a few single comics I have been thinking about.

Announcement: April 15th, 2006

kai lewis-adams of Nintendo Base, who has decided to move his site over, and be hosted on The Nintendo City Network of Nintendo Fan Sites.
He is learning HTML, and converting his site over to its new home.
It is still under construction, but there are some pages up.

I welcome Nintendo Base to The Network of Nintendo Fan Sites, and hope he'll like it here.

A link to Nintendo Base has been added under the Hosted Tab in the Navigation Bar.

Site Update: April 15th, 2006

MattC13 has sent in 2 Fan Fiction writings. One is a titled History of the Mushroom Kingdom, and the other is titled Mario in the Internet.

Mr. X has sent in a N64 review for Banjo-Kazooie.

I have added 65 Banjo-Kazooie Screenshots.

It's Pipe Fest 2006! As Prince Peasley sends in Episodes 26, 27, 28, and 29 of Pipes.

More submissions should be added later today and tomorrow. Thanks to everyone who has sent stuff in.

Announcement/Site Update: April 12th, 2006

Whoa! Hasn't been an update in awhile. I was busy with a couple other things, wasn't pre-occupied like times before. I'll try and make some more updates every day for awhile.
Well, let's start today's Announcements.

First off there are two name changes, Thedude3445 is now Mr. Pickles.
slasher21774 is now Vitani.
Pages except the updates which had their old names have now been changed.

Now for a sad announcement. First staff member NonnerJonner has left the staff. It's sad to see him go; and another staff member Craig Gilmore has left the staff.

Now, for a very happy announcement.
We have 3 new staff members. 3 people that have all submitted some good stuff here.
They are: Amatatomba, Prince Peasley, and Vitani. I welcome them all aboard, and am happy to have each on of them on staff.

Now for some updates.

Mike has sent in Part 3 of Nintendo City The Movie. He has also sent in Mario's Gonna Kill Part 7, and Mini Comic 7 and 8.

Vitani has written a review for Ultima 3: Exodus.

Prince Peasley has hit number 25, he sends in Pipes 23, 24, and 25.
He has also sent in Legend of Link 5.

Mr. Pickles has sent in The Mario Zone 15.

MattC13 has sent in The Mario Channel 2.

That's it for right now, there should be more updates soon.

Site Update: April 4th, 2006

Start of the new year of Nintendo City. I'm so excited to get back to this. After reading last years updates, I realize there are so many updates I want to do.

Mike has sent in Nintendo City The Movie Part 2.

I have added screenshots for Donkey Kong Jr. for the Colecovision. They are in the Other Section.

I will try and have another update later today, and most definitely one tomorrow.

Site Update: April 3rd, 2006

Wow, Nintendo City is two years old today. It's hard to believe, so much has happened since the start of this site. I am so happy I started Nintendo City, I really can't picture my life without it. I love Nintendo, and I love being able to express it with this site.

You may have seen the intro page filled with Nintendo Characters and items.
It will be gone tomorrow though, I may have it available later on though.

Like last year I have read the past updates and wrote about them, so if you are REALLY bored you can read it, it's in the about section.
 It is titled The Second Year of Nintendo City.

Now, last april 3rd kind of snuck up on me. I wanted to have some sort of update besides an About section, but didn't have time. Well I had some time on my hands this year. So I decided to make a shrine. It is of one my all time favourite games, it is of Adventures of Lolo.
Many may not know anything about this game or little, but it is an AMAZING puzzle game that is so unique and addicting, and so fun to play. I love it so much.
When I first opened up the Shrines Section I knew I would have to make an Adventures of Lolo Shrine.

Now before I talk about the shrine I have got to say something.
It isn't where you may think. It's not in nintendocity.com/shrines/lolo/
It has been given its own domain name.
It is at www.AdventuresOfLolo.com.
It also has its own design that is influenced by the game.
This is sort of the 2nd announcement I wanted to talk about before. That some shrines in the future will have their own domain name and design.
Now just because this shrine isn't hosted on nintendocity.com doesn't make it any less a part of Nintendo City. It still has a link to it under Shrines on the navigation bar. It is a Nintendo City Shrine.

Now to talk about the shrine.
It has screenshot Walkthroughs for all 50 Rooms. So if you are stuck on a room, you can see multiple screenshots, which show step-by-step exactly what to do to defeat that room.
I also have pictures, various formats of the manual, character info, environment info, item info, a trivia test, and more.
There is also a petition there for Adventures of Lolo. HAL who makes the Lolo series, has continued to make Lolo games, there was one made in 2000. But all these games are only released in Japan. The petition is to HAL, to get them to release an Adventures of Lolo to the rest of the world, either a new title,
or a re-release of a Japan only Lolo game. So if you like the Adventures of Lolo series, and want to play more games, please sign the petition.
Click Here to enter the Adventures of Lolo Shrine

Well, that is it for this update.
Now I want to do what inspired me to make the site. I want to play Nintendo.
I want to play Nintendo all day. One of the games I know I will be playing is
Super Mario Bros. 3. I will also probably replay Adventures of Lolo 2.

Well, Thanks to everyone who has supported this site. The people that visit it, and all the people who have taken time out of their day to submit something.

Thanks everyone. I hope I will be doing an update like this in one year.

Site Update: March 31st 2006

Thedude3445 has sent in Mr. Hammer Bro. Episode 3.

Dark Yoshi has sent in Episodes, 4, 5, and 6 of Metroid Madness.

Mike has sent in Part 1 of Nintendo City The Movie.

Site Update: March 31st 2006

SuperMario4 has taken Episode 1 of Koopa Brigade #14, and set it up into a PowerPoint Presentation, you can now download it.
SuperMario4 has also sent in a review for Pikmin.

Gold Yoshi has sent in a Super Smash Bros. Melee Review.

Final Yoshi has sent in a Mario Party 7 Review.

Lettuce #2 has sent in a review for Super Mario Deluxe, Mario Paint, and Mario Superstar Baseball.

Matt has sent in an interesting Extra/Miscellaneous for Super Mario World.

Mr. X has written an article titled Mario RPG Fans Work For A Remake.

Thedude3445 has sent in Part 15 of The Mario Zone. He has also started a new comic series titled War in Blankland Special Edition.

Mike has sent in Mini Comic 6, and Part 6 of Mario's Gonna Kill.
Mike has also started work on a video/movie. It is called Nintendo City the Movie.
He has already made a preview,
and it is now available in a new section titled Videos.
Since there is now a Vidoes section, I added 10 of my favourite Nintendo Commercials. I have also mentioned a mini-side site I made awhile ago, which contains a few Zelda Commercials.

Site Update: March 24th 2006

gooombario64 is back!!!
He has sent in Chapter 2: Issue 11 of Adventures of Goombario, and  Episode 5 of JeyDee the Police Officer.
He has also sent in a Fan Fiction Story titled Yoshi's Quest Story.

Mike has sent in Mini Comic 4 and 5.

WillBillXP has sent in 5 comics in a comic series titled,
Mario & Luigi Stuperstar Saga.

Also, I wanted to mention that the forum now has over 150 members. So if you haven't joined, then check it.

Site Update: March 22nd 2006

Mike has sent in Mini Comic 3 and a One Liner.

slasher21774 has sent in a fan fiction story about Nintendo City,
it is called A story about Nintendo City.

There should be an update or 2 tomorrow.

Announcement: March 22nd 2006

I just want to thank everyone who has signed the Mario Party DS Petition.
It now has over 100 Signatures. If you haven't signed, and would like to see a Mario Party on the DS, then please sign the Petition at www.MarioPartyDS.com

And if you want, you can support the Mario Party DS Petition by showing the below button on your site, blog, forum, etc.

If you show it off on your site or blog, email me at webmaster@nintendocity.com and I will add your button on MarioPartyDS.com

Thanks again to everyone who has signed.

Site Update and Announcement: March 21st 2006

Mike has sent in Mini Comic 2.

Also, awhile ago I said I had two announcements. One was the Games Database. The other I have not announced. Well, I'm not 100% sure on what will happen, so I don't want to say much yet. But I can say that there will be some new Shrines opening in the next few months, one should be opening in a month or less.

I will also try and make an update later today, I think I will make a Trivia test, or something new I have been thinking about for awhile.

Site Update: March 20th 2006

Whoa! Didn't really realize until I saw the last update, It's been 7 days. I have been busy, but I don't want updates to be far apart like this. I will do some updates tomorrow and the next, and hopefully later today as well.

Well, Thedude3445 has sent in 2 Comics, Mr. Hammer Bro. Episode 2 and Sonic's Plan.

Mike has sent in Part 5 of Mario's Gonna Kill.
He has also started a new series titled Mini Comics. So check out the first of it.

Site Update: March 13th 2006

Prince Peasley has sent in Episodes 21 and 22 of Pipes.

kai lewis-adams has sent in a The Legend of Zelda Fan Art.

Announcement and Site Update: March 12th 2006

Thedude3445 who has sent in many comics has joined the Nintendo City staff. I am happy to see such an active submitter become a staff member. I welcome him aboard. He now has a profile on the staff page. I also took off Danny vd Baard and Emily, as they left the staff awhile ago, and I just never updated it.

Well, seeing as Thedude3445 is now staff, you may expect a submission from him on this update. Well your not going get one, but over 20!!!
He has sent in Part 8 of War in Blankland.
He has sent in 2 single comics, they are Yoshi vs. Boshi and Dooplis's Wreck.
He has also sent in 14 episodes of a comic series titled The Mario Zone.
He has also sent in a bunch of One Liners.
Thanks for all the submissions Thedude3445.

Prince Peasley has sent in Door Wars Episode 5.
Dark Yoshi, TheDude's Brother, and Kirby have
each sent in a One Liner.

Site Update: March 9th 2006

 MattC13 has sent in Episodes 1 and 2 of a new comic series titled Team Baby Mario, as well as the Coming Soon comic. He has also sent in the intro and episode 1 of another comic series titled The Mario Channel.

The Madness of Metroid continues as Dark Yoshi send in
Episode 3 of Metroid Madness.

Jacob Lopez has sent in a comic titled Minus Trick Gone Wrong.

I had to take off the Release Dates Section, I just don't have the time to update it. I'd rather spend my free time updating other sections.

Awhile ago someone e-mailed me asking where the Warp Zones are in Super Mario Bros. So I made a guide with Screenshots in the SMB Shrine showing how to get to all the Warp Zones. I then e-mailed him the page so he could get to all the Warp Zones. But I never bothered to link to it. So a link to the Warp Zone page is now in the SMB Shrine.

Site Update: March 8th 2006

Three games added to the database. They are Adventures of Lolo and Lemmings, both for the NES, and Super Caesars Palace for the SNES.

Site Update: March 8th 2006

Dark Yoshi has sent in Episode 1 and 2 of a new
comic series titled Metroid Madness.
jelly46 has sent in a comic titled In Use.
Jacob Lopez has sent in Part 2 of Who Shot Mario? It is titled Luigi in Jail.
Mike has sent in Part 3 and 4 of Mario Gonna Kill.

There should be an update later today.

Site Update: March 7th 2006

Angelette has sent in a review of WarioWare Twisted! for the GBA.
ace has sent in a review for Shadow the Hedgehog for the Gamecube.
Lettuce #2 has sent in a review for Paper Mario for the N64
And Paper Mario must be popular right now, it sure deserves to be. As Prince Peasley has also sent in a review for the amazing game Paper Mario.
Links to the Paper Mario Reviews and the screenshots were added to the Paper Mario in the Games Database.

There will be an update tomorrow.

Site Update: March 6th 2006

7 Reviews added. Thanks to the people who sent them in.

slasher21774 has sent in a NES review of Stanley: The Search for Dr. Livingston.
epicprobl has sent in a NES review for Tecmo Cup Soccer Game.
Johnny Claibourn has sent in a GBA Review for Mega Man Battle Network.
Nesmaster has sent in a DS review for Pac N Roll.
Snyper has sent in three DS reviews. They are for Animal Crossing Wild World, Metroid Prime Pinball, and Resident Evil: Deadly Silence.

Thanks again for the reviews.
There will be another update tomorrow.

Site Update: March 6th 2006

This is the launch of the new section I spoke of a couple days ago.
It is a Games Database. Every game that is and gets added to this database will have a Description for the game, describing what the game is all about.
Every game in the database will also include the Genre(s), Amount of Players, Developer, Publisher, and Release Dates. There will also be a box or cart image if I have one.
There are currently a little over 100 games in the database. Ranging from the NES, SNES, N64, and Gamecube. Games from Nintendo Handhelds should be added soon.
Also, every game in the database shows if it has any Reviews, Screenshots, Instructions, FAQ's, Walkthroughs, Pictures, Quizzes, Fun Facts, Tricks, Tips, Cheats, Codes, and anything extra or miscellaneous.
The database is a way to unite all the sections together.
For example, you can view the Super Mario World Game Page, and see if there are any Reviews, Screenshots, Trivia, Pictures, etc. available for that game.
This database also gives me a further drive to give more content. I want every game in the database to have a review, screenshots, trivia, etc. So I will try and give it that.

This is a section I cannot leave alone, it needs to be updated frequently, so I will try and add a game to it on a regular basis.
But unfortunately I don't own or have played every Nintendo game, and as much as I would love to, I probably never will. So I need your help to add Descriptions for games in the database.
So if there is a game that is not in the database that you think should be, then please send in a Description for that game.
You can always e-mail it to me at webmaster@nintendocity.com or you can send it in using a Form I have setup.

Any game that has been released on a Nintendo System can be added to the database. It doesn't have to be Published or Developed by Nintendo, as long as it was released for a Nintendo System. This may seem untrue as right now 100 of the games in the database are Published by Nintendo. But what can I say, I play mainly Nintendo Published Games, that's why this is Nintendo City.

You will now see a Games Tab on the Navigation Bar. With it you can view the Games in the Database.

I think and hope this will unite the site together, and get me to update more frequently.

Well, I gotta continue to update the submissions that I got when I disappeared. After that I will be adding games to the database, and updating other sections more frequently.

I will be announcing something else in a day or two.

Site Update: March 5th 2006

Mike has sent in Part 2 of Mario's Gonna Kill.

Site Update: March 5th 2006

Prince Peasley has sent in 6 more Pipes Comics!
This means Pipes are up to 20 Episodes. Congratulations to Prince Peasley, and thanks for continue to make and send these comics in.
So make sure to check out Pipes Episodes 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, and 20.
Also, as an added bonus, two of these episodes are extra long!
So check out the comic series Pipes.

There should be some more submissions later today and tomorrow.

Site Update/Announcement: March 4th 2006

What can I say, no update in almost 2 months!
Can't believe it happened.
First off I would like to apologize to everyone who have submitted stuff.
It should have been up much sooner. I should have at least e-mailed you about it.
I'm sorry.
I am now trying to get all submissions up. So if you have submitted something, expect to see it up in the next couple of days. I thank you for sending it in.

Now before I get on with todays updates, I gotta say. As I also said on the forum.
Every time I have disappeared for awhile would be for one of two reasons.
The first would be some sort of emergency or issue, usually family related.
That I would have to give my full attention.

But secondly, I seem to get distracted easily, and get very interested in something else, some other project for awhile. So I do it, then get bored and come back here. Then a couple months later I would get distracted by something else, and the same thing would happen.
But this time was different. I finally just realized that I always come back here.
At the end of the day, this is what I want to do with my free time. So I am saying enough with other projects, I want Nintendo City to be my permanent hobby. The thing I spend my free time on.

Now, to show I really do mean this. I have been working on two things for the site. Two exciting things for me. One of them is a new section that WILL be launching tomorrow or the next day. It is something I have been thinking of doing on and off for months. But I finally decided to do it, and it is ready to launch.

The second thing I will announce in a couple days. I am excited about it as well; and it isn't another layout incase anyone is wondering.

Now for the update.

Jeremy has sent in Luigi Thing Part 3 and 4.

Prince Peasley has sent in Door Wars Part 4.

goombario64 has sent in episodes 3 and 4 of JeyDee the Police Officer.

Mike has sent in a preview for his new comic Fawful and Nighty's Adventures.
He has also sent in Mario's Adventure To Save Luigi Part 4, and Mario's Idea Parts 5 and 6. He has also sent in a comic titled Mario's Gonna Kill.

Tyler Alverson has sent in some Super Mario 64 Sprites.

Jacob Lopez has sent in a comic titled Who Shot Mario?

Thanks to all of these people who have submitted, and to all those who have submitted and I am still working to put their submissions up. They should be up in the next couple days.

Well, I gotta go do some last minute touches on the new section, and get some submissions up, as well as a few other updates.

Announcement: January 20th 2006

Sorry for not having an update in awhile, but I have been very busy.
One of the things that preoccupied me was getting this announcement ready.

Today is the launch of The Nintendo City Network of Nintendo Fan Sites.
I have registered NintendoCity.Net and I am now offering free Nintendo Fan Site Hosting. I am currently looking to host 5 sites on it. Although one spot is already called for.
At NintendoCity.Net you will find links to all the sites hosted by Nintendo City, as well as when any of them update. It also shows Nintendo News.
So if you are in need of Nintendo Fan Site Hosting,
 then check out NintendoCity.Net

I will now start and update Nintendo City again.

Site Update: January 11th 2006

Prince Peasley has sent in Episodes 2 and 3 of Door Wars.

Mike has sent in Part 1 of The Black Mushroom Kingdom.

slasher21774 has sent in screenshots for Stanley: The Search for Dr. Livingston.

Announcement: January 9th 2006

I know a Mario Party for the DS would be an amazing game. The DS has some unique features, it would bring new gameplay to the Mario Party Series.
It could also be played online with people across the world through Nintendo Wi-Fi.
That is why I have started a Mario Party for the DS Petition.
It has its own sub-domain, and domain name.
Please go to www.mariopartyds.com
When they finally make a Mario Party for the DS, the site will become a shrine to the game.

So if you want a Mario Party on the DS, then please sign the petition and show your support with the button below. E-Mail me, and MarioPartyDS.com will link back to you. Thanks to anyone who signs the petition.


Site Update: January 7th 2006

goombario64 has sent in Episode 2 of JeyDee the Police Officer.

I have made screenshot pages for screenshots that were only available on reviews.
So there are some screenshot pages added for NES, SNES, N64, GCN, and GBA

Site Update: January 7th 2006

slasher21774 has sent in her 5th NES Review. I thank him once again for sending something in. It is for River City Ransom, so check it out.

Site Update: January 6th 2006

Thedude3445 has sent in 3 more comics. Parts 5, 6, and 7 of War in Blankland.

slasher21774 has sent in some NES Screenshots for the game River City Ransom.

Koopa Brigade #14 is out of hiatus with Episode 4. I was talking to Mike a.k.a raps_mvp53 online. I was talking about how every episode of Koopa Brigade #14 has to start fresh, a new plot every time. He suggested an Episode where they go to a bar. I thought about it and realized I could turn that into an episode.
So I want to thank Mike for the idea of bringing the brigade to a bar.

Announcement: January 5th 2006

NES FANZ is back up! It has a new look, and as always, some amazing content.
So go check out NES FANZ.

Site Update: January 5th 2006

Prince Peasley has sent in Episode 14 of Pipes. He has also started a new comic series titled Door Wars. Episode 1 is up.

Site Update: January 4th 2006

Happy New Year Everyone. First update of 2006.
Sorry I didn't have one sooner, I was very busy this holiday season.
But everything seems to be settling down a bit, so I can update regularly again.

First off, Thedude3445 of the forum has sent in MANY more comics. They are:
Parts 1, 2, and 3 of Hammer Bros. Wars.
Episode 1 of Mr. Hammer Bro.
Parts 3, 4, and the Credits of War in Blankland.
Two single comics titled An Enemy-Free Day, and Yoshi's day at the casino.
As well as 4 One Liners.

zeldafangirl has sent in a comic titled The Legend of Zelda: The Journey Through Demensions.

Mike has sent in Part 4 of Mario's Idea.

goombario64 has sent in Issue 10 of Adventures of Goombario, as well as its credits. He has also sent in episode 1 of his new comic series,
JeyDee the Police Officer.

Prince Peasley has sent in Episode 4 of The Legend of Link and a One Liner.

Chris Lewis has sent in a One Liner.

mario brother #3 has sent in part 2 of Bill and Fred’s Quazi-Adventure.

Tanooki Mario has sent in two N64 reviews.
They are for Star Fox 64 and Super Smash Bros.

Bazzoka has sent in a Kirby Canvas Curse Review.

Adrian has sent in a Super Smash Bros. Melee Review.

Jordan has sent in a Paper Mario: TTYD Review.

That's it for this update. There should be one tomorrow. I have some updates I want to do the next few days or so. There are also some more submitted trivia tests to be added, as well as some corrected tests thanks to a couple fact checkers.

And I Thank all you people who contributed to this update, thanks for your submissions.

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