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  Game Name: SimCity DS
System: Nintendo DS
Genre: Strategy
Developer: syn Sophia
Electronic Arts
Release Dates:
United States: June 19th, 2007
Europe: June 22nd, 2007


The latest edition in the SimCity series finds it's home on the DS. It's amazing how EA managed to keep so many important elements of the game when converting it onto DS. Also the presentation is great on both of the screens


There isn't really a story to SimCity DS you just follow your city as it progresses.


Building A City - One of the modes of play on SimCity DS is Build A City. The clue is in the title, you build your city from scratch, with some help of course. You are elected as mayor and you name your city. Then you are introduced to your new advisor which is based on how you answer a series of questions. In Build A City you can play or pause time. Time is paused when building which is great as you don't get interrupted by your advisor. You use the different icon at the top of the bottom screen to build different buildings, zones and transport links. As you progress through time and reach milestones like so many population you gain rewards which is another great feature of the game, it gives you something to work towards. Also when your building also within that section are graphs, data and budgets to view an sort out. More about budgeting in a bit. When your in play mode you watch building rise from the ground in your different zones. Money and taxes come in or go and citizens talk there ideas to you which you then have to make a decision on building. These elements of the game are superb and are very neatly laid out.

Advisors - The first port of call is your advisor, if you need some help and assistance or just a friendly chat their there for you. Each advisor specializes in different areas. these include; Budgeting, Planning, Environment & Pollution. However you cannot have all the different advisors at once. You stay with one advisor for usually 4 - 5 years then another one with ask and try to take over. Advisors include friendly laid back people to funny looking aliens which all adds to the humour of the game.
Also there are tutorials on how to build areas, fix problems and prevent disasters. Well worth a look they are extremely informative

Saving A City & Disasters- Another mode of playing is Save A City. You can chose a different area of the planet to help and each has been affected by a disaster. Disasters are mentioned after this. You need to usually bring back a high population, rebuild cities, keep so much money and do all this in a certain time limit. Disasters include; Earthquakes, Hurricanes, Major Fires, Attack from a evil ape. Disasters are found in both Save & Build a City. They have really good and comical cut-scenes especially the ape one. You have to use the microphone to blow out fires and the stylus to tranquillize the ape!

I give the gameplay: 8/10


The graphics are good for the DS. There is only one problem, when in play mode in Build a City, sometimes it takes time to move about. Other than that, a range of colours are used. Also there is a great 3D effect on both screens. Plus landmarks look really realistic.

I give the graphics: 8/10


The sound is pretty basic I have to say. The music doesn't change much throughout that game. During events like Fireworks or Christmas a friendly more up beat tune is played. Other than that the music stays the same. I think this is good because the music just right with the type of play.

I give the sound: 7/10


You can play this game as many times over as you like. If you playing in Build a City, the game never ends. Just watch your City grow and expand. If you get fed up with it, just start over! In Save a City there are different areas to choose each with a different problem so that's good too.

I give the replayability: 8/10


SimCity DS does have a bit of a challenge to it. If you go through the tutorials then you will get a basic understanding of the game. If you just rush in straight away, you won't have much of a clue. First timers to SimCity may find it hard to play at first

I give the challenge: 9/10


The game does get frustrating at times. Especially when you try to build something and the stylus moves a touch and it appears somewhere different.

I give the frustration: 6/10


This game was well worth the money. I suggest that you mess around with it and get used to it first. After that build a proper city and watch it progress

I give the value: 8/10


Overall the game is well suited to the DS capabilities. It also keeps with the trend of SimCity series. However it does get a bit tricky at times which could put younger players off the game

I give SimCity DS: 8/10


A brilliant conversion from PC to DS. Lots to do and plus it can never end in Build a City. Plenty to do and you find your self addicted. Only drawback is that it does take a lot to get used to, the tutorials help but you can still get stuck

Written By: AmazingAndy
Date Submitted: August 15th, 2007




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