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  Game Name:
1080 Snowboarding
1-2 Simultaneous
Release Date:
Japan: February 28th, 1998
United States: April 1st, 1998
Europe: October 9th, 1998


A big hit for the N64. For anyone who wants a solid snowboarding game, this is a great game for you. But also a game with different modes, which in turn appeal to different people.


You get to take control of a decent variety of snowboarders, each with their own statistics, and then select a board, each with their on statistics.
You can then either race or do some tricks on a good variety of courses.
Since this game does let you just race down courses against a cpu or human, and then a mode to do tricks, it can appeal to a broader audience.
In race mode just have some fun racing through a cool looking course, trying to go as fast as possible, why turning around sharp corners, jumping or falling off or areas, and jumping or just avoiding obstacles.
I find racing pretty fun, it gives something unique, a different style that other traditional racers don't, and there are no special items, it's just the better racer wins.
Then you can play the game for tricks. Perform a variety of tricks, and spins, up to a 1080 spin. You play the same course you do when you race, but you try and rack up points by doing tricks until you reach the finish. There is also 2 courses just for doing tricks, one is just a big ramp/jump, and the other is a half pipe.
I have never been a big fan of these type of trick games, like the Tony Hawk Series. So these modes never appealed to me that much. But there seem to be less tricks then in Tony Hawk, and they are easier to perform, one thing I did like about it. Although it can be difficult to really get going and do tons of tricks in a row and fast.
The two-player mode is really fun, it's great to just start racing down the courses with a friend.
There isn't a ton of courses, about 5 or 6, but they are a good size, some much bigger, each designed differently, and enough so you don't get bored.
I'm not a huge fan of trick games, but I had lots of fun with the racing aspects of this game, and my bro who does love trick games, LOVES this game because he loves both modes.
The game is designed really well, and everything runs just right.
If you like trick games you'll have fun with this title, and if you like certain racing games, and want a different style, you'll enjoy this game.

I give the gameplay: 7/10


This game has some pretty good graphics, the snowboarders all look nice and different. The courses look very beautiful, and a great variety, different lighting. Dome during the day, some during night, one during sunset. Very nice to look at. This is a snowboarding game afterall, keyword snow. So the snow better look good, and they did a perfect job. The snow looks great, and very nice as you ride through it, it even feels and looks different in different courses and parts of each course.

I give the graphics: 8/10


Has some great sound as well. The background music is just perfect and suited for this game. The SoundFX are good as well, blazing through the snow sounds perfect, jumping sound ok, falling sounds ok, good sound overall.

I give the sound: 7.5/10


I've been playing this game for years, and always having fun. Every once in awhile its still fun to just pop this game in and do a few races. But the replayability does increase an incredible amount because of multiplayer. I wouldn't play this game nearly as much without it. It's so fun to race against a friend with this game, you can replay it for quite awhile then.

I give the replayability: 7.5/10


The game can get pretty challenge, there are multiple difficulty modes. The game can have some pretty difficult times, where you just frantically racing to the end hoping you don't mess up, stay in first, and pass that finish line.

I give the challenge: 7.5/10


You don't really get frustrated with this game. The game is built so well that there really isn't anything that frustrates you because it doesn't work properly, or the controls being bad. The game is just well built.

I give the frustration: 1/10


I'm so glad my brother got this game years ago. I've had lots of fun playing it, and tons of fun versing him on races.
Not sure how much the game sells for now, but was worth it when it was new.


Overall 1080 is a solid, fun non frustrating game, that can appeal to different people. I'm not a huge fan of trick games, but have lots of fun with the races, which this game seems to mostly be about alot of the time.
It's a solid game for the N64, and if you want to try a different type of racer, definitely give this game a shot.

I give 1080 Snowboarding: 7.5/10


I remember playing this game in so many times in my life. Having fun at each point, just sitting down and having a blast with my bro.
It's a really fun game I'll never forget.

Written by: Joey Anderson
Date Written: May 9th, 2006



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