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  Game Name:
The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
Action / Adventure
Release Date:
Japan: November 21st, 1991
United States: April, 1992


The Legend of Zelda: a Link to the Past is arguably one of the best Super Nintendo games out there, and also being one of the best in it's series.  LTTP was one of the first Super Nintendo games I ever played along with SMW, and was the first Zelda game I had played.  The moment I picked up the controller and started playing I was hooked; even though I was playing off of some one else's profile and never made any progress.  Later on I purchased LTTP from Target, and began to play vigorously non stop until I conquered the game 100%.  I was seriously that entrapped within it's perfectly shaped worldly boundaries; that It was then that I promised my self to never leave the world of Zelda. 


The story starts off on a dark night plagued by a rampaging storm.  Link is in bed sleeping and his uncle, whom Link lives with, is taking a moment to ease his nerves as he heads off into something currently unknown to Link.  Link is awoken by a strange voice in his head pleading for help.  His uncle tells link to not leave the house and that he should return by morning.  He than proceeds out the door sword and shield in his hands.  It is up to Link now to determine what is happening.  Who is this voice calling it self Zelda in his head?  Why is she being held in the castle by a wizard?  Who are the other missing girls?  What is the seven wise men's seal?  And finally where has his uncle gone to prepared for battle in the middle of the night?


Link exists in the huge and beautiful kingdom of Hyrule.  Where there are many different landscapes Link must travel including: a desert, a mountain, a field, a forest, a lake, a river system, and the plains where Hyrule Castle and Link's house reside.  Not to mention the entire altar world known as the golden land or the dark world.  Which is very similar to the normal "light world".  Link interacts with the numerous population of Hyrule and the Dark World, who often give a helping hand to the small hero.  There are also numerous trials Link must face in these dual worlds including: 3 Light World Palaces and 8 Dark World Palaces.  Not to mention all of the obstacles in the landscapes.  There are also many helpful treasures hidden in the lands in which one of my favorites being the friendly magical bee who seems to have a thirst for the blood of evil.  Which leads me into all of the beasts that roam the lands and all of the mind controlled guards ready to halt your passage.  They even lay mines in the grass and sometimes hide in the bushes them selves.  The lands are also extremely rich with rupees and rupees.  There is just so much to explore and so many things you can do.  It's just amazing how they packed so much adventure into just one cart. 

I give the gameplay: 10/10


The graphics of this game are amazing for the time that the game was made.  All of your surroundings are filled with lush grass and trees, the water is sparkling blue, and dark world...well is just dark world.  Each of the characters in the game have their own unique look which is a huge plus for this age of game.  The creatures and monsters of the game also have their own original looks and are all very cool.  This game is just simply a work of art.

I give the graphics: 10/10


The sounds and music of this game are timeless.  Although in Link doesn't make any kind of noise himself the environment doesn't all the talking. from the swish and power up of the sword to the thomps and booms of arrows and bombs.  The game has crisp clear sounds for every thing.  The music of the game, like all other Zelda games, is amazing.  From the three overworld themes to the palace music; both light and dark.  The music for the epilogue and the ending credits were the perfect way to finish such an epic game.  The sounds and music of this game will ring on forever.

I give the sound: 10/10


This is the part of the scoring which will fall a bit.  Although this game is a timeless classic.  It is much too long to be able to play over and over again while getting the same experience.  I myself have conquered the game in the double digits because I love the game so much, but of course that is just me.  Of course every time I beat it I say to myself "this is going to be the last time"  Than a year later I'll play it again, or it comes out on a different system so I have to get it and beat it.  Even though the average player will probably only have beaten the game once.

I give the replayability: 4/10


The very first time I conquered the game was pretty tough in places especially the further I got.  For instance in Turtle Rock one of the rooms before the boss room was a room filled with a maze of tracks and you had to find your way to the switch and than to the door while navigating your way through the door while getting attacked by rotating arms of fire.  Ganon's tower wasn't the easiest thing in the world either.  Plus some of the palaces had some tricky parts to them also.  Of course I've beaten the game so many times it's not even a challenge anymore, but for the first time I played it.  It was actually pretty hard.

I give the challenge: 7/10


The only thing really frustrating about the game was figuring out how to get into a specific room in Ganon's tower.  Although the room wasn't necessary for beating the tower I still wanted to get in.  I've figured out how to get in a few years ago, finally, so now I'm happy.

I give the frustration: .0004/10


The value of this game is infinite.  Like I said before this game is timeless.  It will live on forever in my and many other's hearts.  I can honestly say that this game has had a major impact on my younger life.

I give the value: 10/10


Overall this game is perfect.  From the epic story of a hero, to the lush environments, the epic music, and the absolute fun of the gameplay.  This game is perfect and there's not anything else to be said about that.

I give The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past: 10/10


In conclusion this game will live on to be one of the best SNES games and possibly one of the best games of all time.  Definitely in the top three best Zelda games ever made.

Written By: Sakon
Date Submitted: August 13th, 2007



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